Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Its 6:30.
Need to find something to do till bed time.
I've had a cold for....well ever it seems.
The girls have had it for the past week.
The working man has had it for three days.
Its no fun.
Got all the things on my to-do list done for the day!!!
May not look it in the living room though.
Husband is on night shift...so its a lonely night.
Two and a half hours till its bed time.
What to do till then?
Finished my book...need a new one.
Plan on sewing most of the day tomorrow.
Need to write up some posts on the last two book clubs.
Need to form next years book club list.
Wish my internet worked better at night.
The youngest of the brood is into squealing.
The toddler is into jumping...onto everything and everybody.
I'm getting the desire to maybe go back to school.
Online school that is.
Don't know.
Found an online site with wonderful patterns.
Thats not a good thing.
Except I think it is.
I need to get some UFO's done next year.
I need to get a quilt done for my sister by Feburary.
Maybe I should make a To-Do list for my sewing needs in 2011.
Really should just focus on the sewing list for this Christmas.
Thats an idea.
Oh ya I need to vaccum my truck tomorrow.
Need to also shampoo the carpet in the house.
That can wait till March/April.
Before the babe comes.
Excited for the babe.
Still have a strong inkling its a boy.
Maybe the ultrasound lady lied.
Now thats an idea.
Need to figure something out for lunch tomorrow.
I know its the night before.
I'm a woman.
Can't you tell by my thought process?

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