Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Darling Little Family

I LOVE how my family pictures turned out this year!
What do you think???

Which is your favorite???

Sunday, August 28, 2011


You know those weeks when you feel like you've done nothing?
Yep I've had one.
Well I guess I've fed my kids and cleaned the dishes.
That's something!
No I did do a bit of preschool.
But I've decided to do it a different way.
I'm going to do a theme a month and letter of the week that correspondes with the theme.
It should be fun!
I've also decided that I am changing my cleaning schedule.
Maybe it will help.
Haha...I've got three kids and a husband.
A clean house...only in my wildest dreams...
Ya so I'm going to try something new.
Focus on only one room a day.
This will be interesting.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


My girls at 10:30 last night decided to get dressed and head outside.
They informed me they were going to go riding and check on the puppies.
Who know's where they got that brilliant idea.
Believe me I was trying the 'lets go to bed' idea.
First thing this morning....like I mean 6:30....
Daisy wakes Page up.
They head outside.
To go riding.....
....Guess I better take them riding....

Go figure.

PS Page does have a belt on, no pants, and cowboy boots. Daisy has on church shoes with her outfit.
Silly Girls.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship

Daisy is pretty well potty trained.
It's amazing.
It's like one day they wake up and decide I'm going to use the Potty.
Love it.
But the messes she can make, when she is not supervised.
Don't love at all.
Oh well.
I love seeing that potty dance, it means way less diapers for me.
I'm doing the Party dance now!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yes I've been dreaming.
All sorts of stuff have been floating around in my dreams.
Like a weedless yard.
A non-imaginary fence around my yard and house.
My future dream home.
And this, my future ride.
I'm having more kids someday.
Might as well have the towing capacity for them right. ;)
Ah, I see once of these beauties driving down the road and I just sigh with extreme love and want.
To think I'm actually drooling over a "mom" car.
OH my....I must be a mother and no longer a kid.
I've grown up!!!
I'm going to go get a paper bag.
Excuse me.......

....well at least I'm not drooling over a van right?

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I've been busy.
Deep cleaning my carpets.
Cleaning my chairs and couch.
Yep it looks so nice.
We poured cement for our pump shed on Monday.
That was a busy day.
Tuesday I abandon my true hair color...blonde and went totally dark.
Its odd, yet fun.
I'm getting use to it, I think Koda is too.
Wednesday we had family pictures.
From the sneak peaks she's given us, I LOVE THEM.
Bet you can't wait to see them!
Thursday we once again trekked to the city.
But hey I got to go see what IKEA is all about.
Let me tell you, I love it.
Friday was kinda lazy, besides cows being in the wrong pasture.
Dang Cows.
But Its back to the grind, Koda is back to work.
Thanks heavens it's not nights.
Well, I'm going to go splurge and buy Taco Bell for Lunch.
I know long drive.
But I'm going to do it.
How you been?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blessing Day

Miss Melody was blessed on July 3rd by her Father.
It was a beautiful day.
We had lots of family support.
I love my family, they are so good to us.
Why are my pictures doing this?
This one actually looks kinda cool.
A little story about the blessing dress.
My sister and I both had our own blessing dress.
So when I had Daisy I was determined that my girls were going to have their own blessing dresses too.
Daisy had hers given to her by her Great-Grandma Savage.
Page's was my blessing dress that my Grandma Savage made for me.
Melody's blessing dress was given to her by my mom.
The day of the blessing came around.
I had her dressed and ready to go.
As I was sitting there in the pew I noticed the dress was a little on the yellow side.
I thought "Did my mom buy an old blessing dress or something?"
So after the blessing and further on into sacrament my mom is holding Melody.
When she discovers something.
Melody is not wearing her blessing dress.
She is wearing my sisters.
Interesting huh?
So Melody has a blessing dress that she didn't wear.
She wore a dress worn by her Aunt 22 years ago.
Wonder if there is any hidden meaning in this.
Probably not.

Just how life goes I suppose.

Monday, August 15, 2011

L is for Ladybugs, Week 2

The girls are 38 months and 19 months.
What we learned this week.
Letter L
Number 1
Shape: Circle
Color: Yellow
Memory Verse: Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

Spiritual Lesson: Our Family
Song: Here We Are Together and Families Can Be Together Forever.
Talked about Our Family. Who makes up the family.
Daddy, Mommy, Daisy, Page, and Melody.
We talked about the different roles each of us play in our family.
Daddy works.
Mommy cooks and cleans.
Children listen.
We also talked about Helemans stripling warriors and how they were protected because their mothers taught them up in righteousness. We then watched Helemans Stripling Warriors, put out by Nest Entertainment.

Focus Book: Little Ladybug
We read this book every day. The girls loved it.

We did a cut and paste Ladybug craft from COAH.

 Ladybug Building. Daisy did really good with this and had a lot of fun putting the Ladybugs where they needed to go. From COAH.

Ladybug Shape Matching Puzzle and we also did size sorting Ladybugs. Daisy enjoyed these also.
From COAH.

What Melody does while we are crafting and playing games.

We also played go fish game.

Still a big hit was the "L" Sensory tub. We played with this for about 20 mins everyday. 
Page showing me a Lemon
Daisy tweezing and counting lizards out.
Scooping items out of tub
Reading the Mini book and the Vocab Cards was still a huge hit.
Reading the Mini Book to Me from RRSP
 We also had a playdough day and did letter L's out of playdough. And of course we did, snakes, and our names, and dogs, and and and....you know how it is. :)

 We did dot-a-dot L page with stickers. I don't have the cool markers like everyone says to use, so we used stickers  which worked great and strengthed those fine motor skills!

Sorting big and little "L's" Both girls did really well on this activity
Our "L" is for Lion craft found here Totally Tots

 Of course we did TONS of puppy playing, or mauling the puppies more like it?

Fun unplanned learning, Dancing and playing the piano of course!

Linking up at Preschool Corner and Tot School.

Tot School

Sunday, August 14, 2011

L is for Ladybugs

The girls are 38 months and 19 months.
What we learned this week.
Letter L
Number 1
Shape: Circle
Color: Yellow
Memory Verse: Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

Spiritual Lesson: Our Heavenly Family
Song: I am a Child of God and Families Can Be Together Forever.
Talked about how we are all children of God.
Even though we all look different and have different tastes we are all children of God.
The girls really loved the songs, especially Families can be together forever, probably because of the wonderful helps I had!

Focus Book:
We read this book every day. Little Ladybug. The girls loved it.
We actually didn't do much this week since two days we were in the city with Page at the burn center. We did color our L is for ladybug page with the Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the week curriculum.

We read our memory verse and talked about it, and what it meant.
The girls also had a blast with our "L" sensory bin.
W also read our mini book for the week and went over our vocabulary cards all from RRS program from 1+1+1=1. This coming week we will be covering "L" again, and finish the rest of the activities planned. 

Also the unplanned learning fun of the week comes from Daisy!!! Nama bought her a princess coloring book with stickers. She went and placed the correct princess sticker on the coloring picture of the princess. Pretty good sorting I'd say!

Linking up at Preschool Corner and Tot School.

Tot School

Friday, August 12, 2011

Horsing Around

 We went up to put my brothers stud colt in with his new pack of brood mares recently.
We got to see some cute babies and beautiful mommas.
Many people these days keep their mares and foals right close by and they are very use to humans.
Not my family.
Is rare to have a ride-able  catch-able mare around my family.
We raise our mares and colts much the same as wild horses are.

The stud is turned out with the broodmare bunch in the summer time.
He runs with them for a good six months, getting acquainted very well with each mare.
He then comes out of the bunch in wintertime, along with all the new foals.
He gets a break from being 'the king' and the foals get broke to lead.

 Spring time comes around and the foals are back onto the mountain to work on that surefooted thing.
The stud gets to do cowboy work all spring and winter.
The mommas spend the winter in a lower desert pasture.
The new foals start showing up eleven months after the stud was put into the bunch.
And soon after the stud gets to go and be 'the king' again.

This is the Stud, notice the way he is all tensed up.
I love horses and watching the fuss these horses go through when a stud is first placed in the bunch is classic.

He prances around does some dance moves and chases the mares like crazy.
They all fight back with teeth or kicking feet.
That is as long as they aren't "horsing"---in other words wanting a little summthin-summthin.
It is amazing to see, plus its lots of fun to watch.
Really if you ever have the chance to see a stud put in with a mare bunch don't pass it up.
Even better is watching the pecking order establish itself with a band of wild horses.
Then you get to see awesome fights between the stallions.
Yes its a must see.

Side note: Why did we put the mares into the corral then turn the stud loose? Because if we would've turned the stud loose in the pasture he could have not collected them all and kept some from being in his band. Being turned loose into a smaller area like this he was able to show his dominance over all the mares and collect them all. This way there is a better chance he will cover and breed them all.

Well also on this trip the girls and I got to do a bit of riding.
Duh that is a must when your my kid.
Sorry girls its a curse, :) But you love it.

They also had fun playing in the mud. 
(How does she find this stuff???)
And climbing all over the random stuff that is around the corral.
I had a blast and I got to have a good talk with my mom.

 Plus we got to see baby foals.
They are SO cute.
But when we were done we once again turned them loose into the mountain pasture and came home.
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