Thursday, September 29, 2011

Panties in a Bin

This is our panty bin in our bathroom.
This helps Daisy to change her underwear quickly if any changes are needed.
Plus it keeps all the clothes drawers intact.
Also a fun little book for her to read when she potties if she wants too. 

 It's so nice to have all the potty training and diapering in one place.
Makes life easy for this busy momma.
What are your little tricks for potty training?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cover for a lil' cowboy

I made a cover for Lacie back in August.
Sorry couldn't find the picture.
So she later contacted me 
about making a carseat cover for her friend.
It was for a little cowboy.

I found this AWESOME material!
I LOVE it!!!
So I went back to get some more....guess what all gone....
I'm sad....
But I think it turned out really cute!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Z is for Zebra

The girls are 40 & 21 months

Z is for Zebra puZZle time.

Z is for Zebra graphing.

Z is for Zesty cows and dogs.
And little cowgirls herding them.

Z is for Zebra magnet page.
Oh but its funner to do it with stickers.

Z is for Zebra coloring page.
With pencils of course
Z is for 5 little princess's Zipping rocks in the creek.

Z is for ZZZZzzzzz.......

Which mom needs ASAP.
Night ya'll.

Party'z at these links.

Resources from these links. (Not all shown!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Fun Life

Look at what we've been doing!
Putting Makeup on Melody.
Totally done while mom was putting water on the garden.

A new Quilting Project.

Planting some flowers.

New pink boots for Melody

Pouring rice all over the living room.
Thank heavens for vacuums!

Being princesses at Crystal's baby shower

Throwing rocks into the creek.
yes Kasey that's your pup!

Playing in the sand.

Climbing gates and fences.
Not a challenge at all for miss Daisy Mae.

Feeding Larry's horses.

Dressing myself.
Mom has no idea what the smirky attitude is all about.
This is how Page rolls.
 Isn't our life fun???
We think so!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Diaper Bags are Awesome

Or at least the ones I make are.
Or so I'm told.
Michelle's Diaper Bag
My friend put her order in to have me make her a diaper bag back when I made mine in April.
Only she added in plenty of extras.
Which was just fine.
It made me think and learn some new things.
Pockets and Zippered Divider inside
I'm so happy with how they've turned out!
So are a lot of other girls.
I've had lots ask about them.
Divider pulls out.
I need to find a price to charge per hour so I can make a tiny bit of profit.
I mean Michelle's diaper bag took 9 hrs to make.
I also made her a cute car seat cover.
Car seat cover
This is another thing that is in high demand.
Yet another reason to find a small price to charge.
I love making them and I love doing custom work.
I want to make people happy with what I can make them.
Yes I take pictures on my tramp with my totally awesome kid pool in the background. So sue me. 
So what do you think?
Aren't they cute?
What amount should I place upon my time?
I don't know.

PS The tutorial I kinda follow for the diaper bag is found at Moda Bake Shop.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Caught in a pickle kinda day.

That's what yesterday was.
This is how yesterday was suppose to go.
Wake up
Shower, dress, cook breakfast, clean up breakfast.
Preschool all by 10:00.
Go to store get items needed to put up cucumbers.
Pick up the cucumbers.
11:00 start pickling cucumbers.
Finish about 3:00.
Have wonderful lunch and dinner right on time.
House picked up.
Happy kids.
Happy husband.
Happy dogs.
Happy me.
Bedtime of a glorious and wonderful 10:00pm.

Life is life I didn't get started on the pickles until 3:00.
Ran out of spices.
Husband said he would get them.
He can't find them.
I should've went to the store.
I call everyone in the known universive for said spices.
My mother has some and she is coming into town....later.
She lives 30 mins from town.
So I continue on with my pickling adventure.
Then I wait for her and pray she has enough spices.
Finally 7:30pm I get the spices from her, I pull out my last batch of bread and butter pickles. Now I can start on the sweet ones, and I had to change midstream and make some dill pickles.
I cook dinner.
Daisy goes out in the dead of the night to inform dad supper is ready.
Oh yes its 8:45.
I finally get my last batch of pickles in.....
Alas...I forgot to put the dill in with the dill pickles, the water is already boiling.
Screw it, they will be a eat as is type. Big deal!
Finally 11:30 house is picked up, dishes done, almost everyone is a asleep (Page is fighting it something bad!)
Finally at midnight she is asleep I lay down my head.

Page starts puking.....

Tell me about it....WAY LONG NIGHT!!!!

But hey my pickles look pretty darn good.
And I have a zillion of them.
I'm proud of myself.

Next up tomatoes!

M is for Monkey

The girls are 20 months & 39 months.
We learned all about M this week.
Monkey, Moon, Mango, Motorcycle, Mailbox, Macaroni, Mouse, Moose, Milk, & Mirror.
Do-a- Dots, Coloring Pages, Monkey Building, Monkey Shape Matching.
Letter Mm Matching, Monkey Puzzles.
M&M Monkey Page, Playing with Cousins, Finger Painting.
We had lots of fun!!
Starfall, Letter Learning Factory, Reading books.
Thing I find very interesting, Miss Daisy--Doo won't tell me the what the "letter" name is example: M is M but she tells me M is Mmmm...The phonetic sound. Thats good right?

Daisy also colored in her kitty coloring book. I was amazed that she actually did specific coloring, she has never done this before! She has gone around all week, showing everyone what she has colored, and each part of the cat that she has colored. It's so cute!
We watched these videos and sung along!
5 little Monkey's Song
Veggie Tales Monkey Silly Song

Resources used from these places.
Confessions of A Homeschooler

 Linking Up to these parties.
Preschool Corner
Tot School

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Over Abundance of Peppers

Did you know,
Three Anaheim Chili Pepper plants will produce 62 Anaheims in about a week?
Mine do.
(Ok actually there was more peppers, but I did give some away)
From those 62 Anaheims, it took me all day to wash, chop, and measure them out to freeze.
(Hey give me a break! I have 3 kids, a husband, 2 dogs plus a puppy to keep an eye on)
Anyways, 62 Anaheims when finely chopped equals 33 quarter cups.
Or 8 1/4 cups of chopped peppers.
Yep, my house smelt good.
I'm thinking salsa time!!!

Guess what else....
This is the third time I've done this, this summer.
Oh man do I have the peppers in my freezer.

We won't even get started on the Jalapenos and the Bell Peppers.

What's your favorite kind of pepper?
I ask, I'd like to know.

I once was a pepper hater....but I'm coming around, in a big way!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Crazy Me

Did you miss me???
I've gone crazy.
Really I've just been way busy!!
Normal everyday stuff.
Attempting to move three girls into one room.
Drs. Appts (btw I'm SICK of dr appts!!!)
A few days ago I posted on FB that I was always 2 days behind on my to-do list.
Well I think it has escalated to four.....
Go figure!
Today I spent all day running around!
Dentist Appointment.
Daisy Dance Class.
Shopping for Material for T&T's wedding.
57 Days...I'd better get to sewing on the little girls dresses for it.
As in....7 little dresses.
Yep I'm CRAZY....

But hey Look at how pretty my Zucchini Jam Turned out!!!

Yes you heard me right Zucchini!!
Its delicious, if you want the recipe I'll send it to you just email me!!!
OH that reminds me I have a loaf of Zucchini Bread in the Jeep my mom left me.
I'd better go get it.
Don't you Love Zucchini season???

It's big around here and probably the only time people lock their car doors at church.

Hehe...I've never done that....hehe......

Have a Great Day!!!
Hopefully I'll soon get back into the swing of this and post a bit more!!!
Maybe once I'm not so busy and not so tired all the time.

Ok, Now Have a Great Day!!!


H is for Hippo

Oh man this week has been crazy busy!!
We did get a bit of schooling in.
The girls are 20 months and 39 months.
Our focus this week was the letter H.
 We did printables from COAH & 1+1+1=1.
Hippo puzzles,letter sort, size sort, Hh do-a-dot, cutting practice, H is for Hippo coloring page, H vocab cards, Hearts and Hands mini book,and read Hide-n-Seek Hippo.
I know I have more pics...but who knows where they are.
 The girls helped me lots around the house this week, with dishes, mopping, cleaning mirrors, ect.
We also had a blast playing in the sprinklers at Nama's house.
We also went to the park.
I go to the school playground, when school is out.
Best idea ever!!
Daisy did a lot of swinging and sliding, Page did lots of "hanging upside down", & Melody had tummy time! And Me I took pictures and tried to do the monkey bars.
Ya I'm outta shape...
So what did your kids do this week educationally?

Linking up here Tot School and Preschool Corner.

Monday, September 5, 2011

We Live Here

Guess what.
My house is still a disaster.
But hey at least once a week each room is clean.
For a few short hours.
I honestly never knew this would bother me the way it does.
Oh well....So goes live.
So this is my new favorite saying.
I want it.
Mostly so I can see it and remind myself to get off my back about things.
Oh ya I pinned it.
Love pintrest.
Don't you?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

E is For Elephants

Right now the girls are 39 months & 20 months
This week we learned all about the Letter E.
Elephants, Envelopes, Eyes, Ears, Erasers, Eagles,.....
You get the point.
Anyways we had fun doing all these everyday.
Reading, Mini Book, and Vocab Cards.
I didn't do a sensory bin.
I was having a stressed kinda week.
I hate them kind.
Anyways, I for sure am going to get my act together and get another sensory bin ready for Letter H next week!
So a look at our week.

Monday & Tuesday

Did Playdough "E" Mats.
Read The Enormous Elephant Show.
Colored by number E is for Elephant.
Cut and Pasted Elephant Patterning Activity.
Sitckered our Do-a-dot Ee page.
Letter E craft.
Read mini book and reviewed vocab cards.
And Daisy informed me she was going to sleep outside like a dog.
What a girl.


We read Elmer the Elephant and did an art activity.
Summary~Elmer is a patchwork elephant and is always keeping the elephants laughing. One day he colors himself elephant color. Finds out it is boring.Then it rains and he becomes patchwork again. Elephants think it was the best joke ever. So they decide to celebrate it every year by coloring themselves all sorts of colors and Elmer goes Elephant color.~
This was a really cute story and the girls loved it.
Cousin Tanner was visiting so he got to join in the fun!
He and Daisy did the art activity, we used the cut and paste elephant from COAH.
Page was busy putting things in and out of her toy car so she didn't join in.
That's awesome though! Good fine motor for her!
Daisy and Tanner also wanted to play with the play dough.
So we pulled it out and played with it,
wrote our names,
and everyone we know names as well.
It was fun!
Side note-Tanner is a month away from being 5 years old, Daisy is 3 and a few months, it was amazing to see the difference in interpreting and responding to the activities between the two of them.
Makes me excited for more interaction has she gets older.
Even so with her sista's!
One day it won't just be me talking to myself....right?

 Thursday--out for a check up for Page.

She now has her totally awesome bull ridin' glove.
She gets to wear if for a whole year.
Lucky her.
At least it will stop the scarring from being terrible.

Friday--Zoo Theme Day.

We did activities more featured towards the zoo.
(usually we will do this on Thursday)
I think....
Anyways, we were going to do size sorting...but she just wanted to talk about the "baby".
We read "What is Tarzan?" Mini Book.
Vocab Cards from the Jungle and the Zoo
Read our E mini book and vocab cards.
Matched the lower case and upper case letters to do with our theme this month. (E, H, M, Z)
Did number and counting practice.
Page just like pulling the numbers off.
Velcro is SO awesome when your almost 2.
Watched a movie from the library on a musical tour of the San Diego Zoo.


Today we did numerous counting activities with Elephant counting cards.
Practiced pre-writing.
An animal matching game.
Ee sort.
Read Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom and placed out Letter E onto our coconut tree. {idea from here}
Played with different letters (E, U, D, K) on starfall {girls LOVE this site}

Our Read-Aloud Book

Recent Purchase I love. Alphatales. I seen another mom blogger post about these books, so I checked them out and then proceeded to buy them. There is little cute/funny stories for each letter of the alphabet. Like I said this week we read The Enormous Elephant Show everyday. I'm very pleased with this purchase so far.

We used printables, ideas and resources from these places.
Homeschool Creations
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Itsy Bitsy Learners
Oopsey Daisy

As usual I'm linking up to these parties!
Preschool Corner
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