Saturday, September 3, 2011

E is For Elephants

Right now the girls are 39 months & 20 months
This week we learned all about the Letter E.
Elephants, Envelopes, Eyes, Ears, Erasers, Eagles,.....
You get the point.
Anyways we had fun doing all these everyday.
Reading, Mini Book, and Vocab Cards.
I didn't do a sensory bin.
I was having a stressed kinda week.
I hate them kind.
Anyways, I for sure am going to get my act together and get another sensory bin ready for Letter H next week!
So a look at our week.

Monday & Tuesday

Did Playdough "E" Mats.
Read The Enormous Elephant Show.
Colored by number E is for Elephant.
Cut and Pasted Elephant Patterning Activity.
Sitckered our Do-a-dot Ee page.
Letter E craft.
Read mini book and reviewed vocab cards.
And Daisy informed me she was going to sleep outside like a dog.
What a girl.


We read Elmer the Elephant and did an art activity.
Summary~Elmer is a patchwork elephant and is always keeping the elephants laughing. One day he colors himself elephant color. Finds out it is boring.Then it rains and he becomes patchwork again. Elephants think it was the best joke ever. So they decide to celebrate it every year by coloring themselves all sorts of colors and Elmer goes Elephant color.~
This was a really cute story and the girls loved it.
Cousin Tanner was visiting so he got to join in the fun!
He and Daisy did the art activity, we used the cut and paste elephant from COAH.
Page was busy putting things in and out of her toy car so she didn't join in.
That's awesome though! Good fine motor for her!
Daisy and Tanner also wanted to play with the play dough.
So we pulled it out and played with it,
wrote our names,
and everyone we know names as well.
It was fun!
Side note-Tanner is a month away from being 5 years old, Daisy is 3 and a few months, it was amazing to see the difference in interpreting and responding to the activities between the two of them.
Makes me excited for more interaction has she gets older.
Even so with her sista's!
One day it won't just be me talking to myself....right?

 Thursday--out for a check up for Page.

She now has her totally awesome bull ridin' glove.
She gets to wear if for a whole year.
Lucky her.
At least it will stop the scarring from being terrible.

Friday--Zoo Theme Day.

We did activities more featured towards the zoo.
(usually we will do this on Thursday)
I think....
Anyways, we were going to do size sorting...but she just wanted to talk about the "baby".
We read "What is Tarzan?" Mini Book.
Vocab Cards from the Jungle and the Zoo
Read our E mini book and vocab cards.
Matched the lower case and upper case letters to do with our theme this month. (E, H, M, Z)
Did number and counting practice.
Page just like pulling the numbers off.
Velcro is SO awesome when your almost 2.
Watched a movie from the library on a musical tour of the San Diego Zoo.


Today we did numerous counting activities with Elephant counting cards.
Practiced pre-writing.
An animal matching game.
Ee sort.
Read Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom and placed out Letter E onto our coconut tree. {idea from here}
Played with different letters (E, U, D, K) on starfall {girls LOVE this site}

Our Read-Aloud Book

Recent Purchase I love. Alphatales. I seen another mom blogger post about these books, so I checked them out and then proceeded to buy them. There is little cute/funny stories for each letter of the alphabet. Like I said this week we read The Enormous Elephant Show everyday. I'm very pleased with this purchase so far.

We used printables, ideas and resources from these places.
Homeschool Creations
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Itsy Bitsy Learners
Oopsey Daisy

As usual I'm linking up to these parties!
Preschool Corner


  1. Wow you've been busy! You've done some great activities with your girls. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. It looks like you guys had a great week! You pulled in a lot of neat resources to make a great theme :)

  3. How awesome are you!! I taught jack how to open his own package of crackers... :)


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