Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pessimistice Am I

...and if you know me you know that really I'm truly a optimistic kinda girl, always looking at the bright side of life. But lately it seems I'm just down and have no motivation, I know part of it right now is my head feeling like its going to explode with this cold. So I apoligize that I have not been doing much interesting blogging about our family or my quilting.
I've had lots of ideas for a post and most of them get me fighting mad for its on ranching and the negative view towards us who do it. But when I sit down to write it just hasn't been a fore front thought. I also have some new opinions on some particular in-laws and the stress they are causing me, although it really is uneccessary and I'm trying my hardest to jsut let it roll of the shoulders, so I won't bring that up. Last night I read the Vernal Express and an Editor in there wrote a colum that had me mad and irritated. He's always down on the Basin and saying how there's not enough culture and stuff here like were he's from. So in order to get some sleep I wrote a letter to the editor, don't know if I'll send it in, but I might post it here, for I know that many of you other basin dewllers will agree with me.
Anyways, I'm trying to find some normalcy and get back my ray of hold out with me till then. --And I'm sorry if I've spelt some words wrong here, I just don't feel like fixing them--

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Additions

Look at what my dog had the other night....

...such cuties!

Jump Rope Dress

The last two days (Thursday and Friday) I've been working on some sewing projects. I was able to finish my baby shower gift and I sewed up this Jump Rope Dress.
At first this dress intimidate me it had some finishing detail that was kinda scary ie:collar and plackets. But really it was a very easy dress to do.
I've also had to patch it already thanks to Daisy wanting to help and cutting into the placket, but luckly I had some scrap material ok just barely enough, I actually dug through the trash can to find it and was able to fix it. I think its adorable.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Newly Wed Advice

Lately it seems I get asked a bunch about marriage and what advice I'd give newly weds. Don't know why, I've only been married four years, but I suppose that is four years on those just starting out. Maybe my advice will change down the road but right this is it.

1. Repentence and Forgivness must always be present.
--You must be able to admit when you are wrong and forgive the other when they are wrong, then move on and don't go back.

2. When you have a problem or confict you must run to each other for the answer of how your going to solve it as a couple.

3. "Must be friends first, then lovers."
--Candace say's it the best so those are her words

4. Communicate openly and honestly about everything.

Really thats all my advice. I have to say that I'm very grateful that I am married to my best friend and that we can talk about anything. The three main problems in the majority of all relationships (don't know the specific order) are 1. Money 2. Communication 3. Sex.
I'm glad to say we don't have problems in those area's we budget together, we talk about everything, and well we have two kids Hahahaha!!

Life is great! What's your advice for newly weds?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Woman of Substance

Determined to rise above all that she has ever known, a young and impoverished Emma Harte embarks on a journey first of survival, then of unimaginable achievement. Driven to succeed, the iron-willed Emma parlays a small shop into the world's greatest department store and an international business empire: Harte Enterprises.
Unhappily married twice, loving only the one man she can never marry, personal happiness eludes her. Harte Enterprises, the realization of her grand dreams, is her all: her heart, her soul, her life. When those closest to her threaten to destroy her empire through their greed and envy, Emma brilliantly outwits her enemies. She wreaks her devastating revenge on those who would betray her in a way only she knows how.
Drawing us into the mesmerizing life of a remarkable woman who dared to seize a dream and was willing to pay any price to make it come true, Barbara Taylor Bradford's deeply involving novel is a celebration of an indomitable spirit.

This time for Book club we are reading "A Woman of Substance" by Barbara Taylor Bradford. This book is going to be the Sept/Oct book, since its such a looooong book.
It is a good book, although I don't believe I would classify it as a favorite. It is about a young lady, Emma, who comes from the lowest of lowest class in the English Class system, and how she works her way to the very top and becomes a very rich and powerful woman. It is amazing how she was able to do what she did all on her own and still raise the five kids that she did.
My only thought with this book was that Emma was to busy making a living and securing her childrens future, to really enjoy life with her children. You know the saying "Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." I feel that children should have to work at making their own living so their life is more fullfilled. Its just like John Wayne says in the movie McClintock to his daughter, about only giving her and her husband only a small percentage of what he actually owned, because he loved her. He says (I'm praphrasing here) that there is nothing more beautiful then what grows between a man and a woman with all the growing they do together when they have to work together for a common goal.
I feel that Emma's children always had all they ever needed, so they grew up to be wastes and only being greedy, that they didn't have the substance that their mother had in her. That was really my only beef with the book is how she neglected her children of a life with a loving and attentive mother, she gave them everything else.
This book is interesting in the climb and social change that Emma does and how she does it and it shows that anybody can do it you just have to set your mind to it.

September Bee Blocks

Here's my parade of Blocks that I did for my bee groups this month. I kept waiting cause I knew there should be two more, but Oh its my month to be 'Bee Momma' in these groups, so they are all making me a block or two!
Sew Easy Being Green Block
{By far my favorite this month!}

Bee in my Bonnet Blocks ~ A 13" one and a 5" one

Sew Bee Wonky Block

NewBee and Bee Quilted Bee workers are working on blocks for me this month!!

Newbee Workers are doing Christmas Stars and Bee quilted are doing Sunbonnet Sue's and Overall Sam's. So excited to see them when they are done.

Blah, blah, blah-ba-blah

I've not been feeeling the blogging lately...Maybe for some of these reasons...
...Fall is here and it seems that each year I get older the more depressing fall is...
...I've had no motivation at all to do anything (I think I overdid it these past two months)...
...I'm having to deal with so called "friends" and "cousins" that show up only at hunting time and its only going to get worse....
...most recent reason the husband is on his way to North Dakota to work for at least ten days...
...ya it sucks....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We had lots of fun this Labor Day weekend. It started out with great news of Koda being off after only four days of work! We had Sidney's 5th birthday party on Saturday, Sunday was Church, and Monday we helped clean up Koda's parents back yard, so a shed can be built. Koda also got all the siding up around the bottom of our house! Now we need a bull-dozer...know who we can borrow one from? Let me know!

Anywho, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, cause I really don't have much to say.

Eating pizza's with the cuz's. They all sat in a circle and started eating. Funny huh?

All the cousins. One boy, six girls.

Miss Page and Mom. Isn't my hair cut cute?

What a funny girl!

The birthday girl! Happy 5 years old Sidney!
Ps look at Daisy what a character!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Modern Quilting Survey

This was posted today on The Farmer's Wife Blog. I found it very interesting and thought I would share it. After reading this I'm not quite a "dedicated Quilter" yet, Sure Koda is happy about that. :)

It is from Creative Craft Groups "Quilting in America 2010." It is a rather extensive survey, so I will just include the highlights.

1. 14% of U.S. households (16.38 million) are home to at least one active quilter.

2. Estimated total dollar value of the quilting industry is 3.58 billion.

3. "Dedicated Quilters" are defined as those households that spend more than $600
per year on quilting-related purchases.

4. The dedicated quilter is:
62 years of age
Well educated (72% attended college)
Affluent ($91,602 household income)
Quilting for an average of 16 years
44% prefer traditional quilts...50% enjoy both traditional and contemporary

5. 85% have a room dedicated to sewing/quilting activities
On average, she has $8,542 of quilting tools & supplies
On average, she owns $3,677 worth of fabric

6. She owns 2.7 sewing machine; 25% own more than 4 machines

7. In the past 12 months, each purchased an average of 93.6 yards of fabric.

8. In the past 12 months, each spent an average of $144.10 on thread.

9. Bought an average of 4.4 quilting books for last 12 months.

10. She subscribes to or reads an average of 4.4 quilting magazines.

11. 91% own a personal computer
73% regularly access the internet
Average 2 hours per week on quilting websites
28% belong to facebook

12. Key Findings:
16.38 million quilting households in the U.S. (down 14% from 2006)
Total number of quilters in the U.S. is 21.3 million (down 23% from 2006)
Average quilting household annual expenditure is up 27% to $216

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Strip Pleated Pieced skirt.

So about a week or two ago the Moda Bake Shop had this wonderful tutorial on this darling pleated skirt. So I proceed to go and buy fabric that day and that night in two hours I whipped it up! And now here I am two weeks later finally with pictures to show you. I was so hard to find a shirt to match it and last night I finally put a white shirt on Daisy just so I could take a picture. And finally this morning I found a plain brown shirt that matches! I was so happy. Now today I'm going to make Page's skirt to match. They are going to be so Cute!!! OH and yes I'll admit it, I already have two other skirts planned for Daisy and the fabric bought and cut out, just need sewn. Haha I'm addicted...I'll admit it!

Oh and we've got to throw in a picture of my beautiful Page! The minute the door is open she starts crawling to get outside! Its so funny!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The good ole days

{Jack and Mary Chew}
Early in the 1900's or maybe it was late 1800's my Great-Great Granddad Jack was arrested for rustling and thrown in prison at the same time my other Great-Great Grandpa was thrown in prison for polygamy. Yep thats what I come from: staunch mormons and a bunch of outlaws.

Anyways so Granddad Jack was thrown into prison for throwing his rope on the wrong cow. Soon after he'd sobered up and came around to thinking properly he knew he needed to get rid of the evidence so that he could hopefully get out. He asked the Sheriff for a piece of paper and pencil, wrote his message on it to his wife Mary on how to dispose of the evidence, folded the paper once in half, and then handed it back through the bars to the Sheriff. That note was then delivered to Mary and was not once opened until she recieved it and opened it herself. Amazing huh!

My question is where has that open trust and honesty gone today? When did taking a man's hand mean you rode for the brand through the good and the bad? When did shaking a man's hand or giving your word became not solid? And Why?
Ole' Jack may have been an outlaw, but they respected is right to send a private note to his wife.
Wish we still had that today.
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