Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pessimistice Am I

...and if you know me you know that really I'm truly a optimistic kinda girl, always looking at the bright side of life. But lately it seems I'm just down and have no motivation, I know part of it right now is my head feeling like its going to explode with this cold. So I apoligize that I have not been doing much interesting blogging about our family or my quilting.
I've had lots of ideas for a post and most of them get me fighting mad for its on ranching and the negative view towards us who do it. But when I sit down to write it just hasn't been a fore front thought. I also have some new opinions on some particular in-laws and the stress they are causing me, although it really is uneccessary and I'm trying my hardest to jsut let it roll of the shoulders, so I won't bring that up. Last night I read the Vernal Express and an Editor in there wrote a colum that had me mad and irritated. He's always down on the Basin and saying how there's not enough culture and stuff here like were he's from. So in order to get some sleep I wrote a letter to the editor, don't know if I'll send it in, but I might post it here, for I know that many of you other basin dewllers will agree with me.
Anyways, I'm trying to find some normalcy and get back my ray of hold out with me till then. --And I'm sorry if I've spelt some words wrong here, I just don't feel like fixing them--

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