Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The good ole days

{Jack and Mary Chew}
Early in the 1900's or maybe it was late 1800's my Great-Great Granddad Jack was arrested for rustling and thrown in prison at the same time my other Great-Great Grandpa was thrown in prison for polygamy. Yep thats what I come from: staunch mormons and a bunch of outlaws.

Anyways so Granddad Jack was thrown into prison for throwing his rope on the wrong cow. Soon after he'd sobered up and came around to thinking properly he knew he needed to get rid of the evidence so that he could hopefully get out. He asked the Sheriff for a piece of paper and pencil, wrote his message on it to his wife Mary on how to dispose of the evidence, folded the paper once in half, and then handed it back through the bars to the Sheriff. That note was then delivered to Mary and was not once opened until she recieved it and opened it herself. Amazing huh!

My question is where has that open trust and honesty gone today? When did taking a man's hand mean you rode for the brand through the good and the bad? When did shaking a man's hand or giving your word became not solid? And Why?
Ole' Jack may have been an outlaw, but they respected is right to send a private note to his wife.
Wish we still had that today.


  1. I think Jack and Mary were the last relative we share, right? Thanks for sharing the photo.

  2. Yes they are who we are related through. Our great grandpas were brothers.


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