Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hey everyone!! Hope you are all doing good. Thought I would just pop in and let you know we are all alive and kicking well. My truck isn't, Page's leg was almost broke. But really life is good. I've had serious issues with my internet lately so I don't do much at all except get on and pay some bills, a few other things (like downloading a new preschool pirate pack from Dawn at Our Little Monkeys). Hopefully in like October we will have internet up and running good again, until then, I may continue my little siesta from blogging, until then.
Anyways here is a fun new picture of our newest babies.

The lambs are KaDee and Daisy (they follow Daisy and Page Everywhere, the Bull is named The Black Bull, he's just a little guy right now, but next year he'll be huge!
:) Have a great summer!!

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