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Hello, Hello!
Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet.

Me in the Pink
I was born a fifth generation rancher. 
I spent most of my childhood on the back of a horse or packing pipe out of the field.
I drove my first tractor at the age of five.
I grew up with responsibility and love for it. 
I have a sister and two brothers, all younger then me.

Starting Eternity Together
When I was 15 I met the boy who made my heart go pitter-patter.
Although I didn't know it at the time.
He was the man I would marry four years later.
Now we are coming on year five of marriage. 

We have three beautiful girls.
Page (18mnth), Daisy (3 yr), and Melody (2 mnth)

Three mangy mutts.

Bruce, Puppy, and Annabelle.

A whole lot of  nameless red cows with a bunch of land.
Plenty of weeds and to many Russian olives.

I'm happy to say I'm raising my girls much the way I was raised.
All though I've had to make some adjustments.
Like the husband having to work outside of the ranch.
Hopefully he can retire someday and ranch full time.

I'm very passionate about agriculture and my way of life.
I'm all about organization and schedules.
I love finances and how to live on less.

Skirt for a girl
Sewing projects is how I keep my sanity.
Seeing how I can't be on a horse everyday anymore.
One fun thing about having three girls.
They are a blast to sew for.

I also read and read and read.
I couldn't live with out a good book to read.

Another thing. I'm a meat-a-tarian.
My husband hunts.
I cook.
We raise Beef.
I cook.
My dad raises sheep.
I cook.
My uncle has pigs.
I cook.
And we eat yummy yummy meat.

Hoped you enjoyed learning a bit more about me. 

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