Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Its 6:30.
Need to find something to do till bed time.
I've had a cold for....well ever it seems.
The girls have had it for the past week.
The working man has had it for three days.
Its no fun.
Got all the things on my to-do list done for the day!!!
May not look it in the living room though.
Husband is on night shift...so its a lonely night.
Two and a half hours till its bed time.
What to do till then?
Finished my book...need a new one.
Plan on sewing most of the day tomorrow.
Need to write up some posts on the last two book clubs.
Need to form next years book club list.
Wish my internet worked better at night.
The youngest of the brood is into squealing.
The toddler is into jumping...onto everything and everybody.
I'm getting the desire to maybe go back to school.
Online school that is.
Don't know.
Found an online site with wonderful patterns.
Thats not a good thing.
Except I think it is.
I need to get some UFO's done next year.
I need to get a quilt done for my sister by Feburary.
Maybe I should make a To-Do list for my sewing needs in 2011.
Really should just focus on the sewing list for this Christmas.
Thats an idea.
Oh ya I need to vaccum my truck tomorrow.
Need to also shampoo the carpet in the house.
That can wait till March/April.
Before the babe comes.
Excited for the babe.
Still have a strong inkling its a boy.
Maybe the ultrasound lady lied.
Now thats an idea.
Need to figure something out for lunch tomorrow.
I know its the night before.
I'm a woman.
Can't you tell by my thought process?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Bit of News

Well we feel its time to shout it out. We are expecting the stork to stop by our house around May 1st to deliver our third child...a baby girl. We are excited for her to come, but yes we had our hearts set for a boy. And this pregnancy has been so much different that we felt maybe it really was a boy. But the lab tech said 90% sure its a girl...so here we are. So lucky me I get to have three girls under the age of two, for two weeks before Daisy turns three...I'm crazy, but somehow I'll survive. So I'm going to go and plug in a Christmas show and start cutting out fabric for the stockings I'm going to make for our kids. Yes I have tons of laundry to do and I need to clean the house, and start dinner, but I figure I can do the laundry around the cutting of fabric, the housework can wait till tomorrow, and dinner...well I'll get there. Hope you have a good evening, especially with this blizzard blowing in and for sure going to turn our desert land into a white world.

Friday, November 19, 2010

November Bee Blocks

For the Bee in My Bonnet Group she sent some creepy fabric and asked for a broken dish block style. I really like this block style and will have to remember it for future reference. The material she can keep though. It was weird...like Alice in Wonderland weird.  
 Next was the Newbee block. She just wanted something square or rectangle and didn't mind if they were wonky... so my creation. A wonky nine patch. I really like it. Sorry its not better ironed. I do know to do that!

These next blocks are the ones I made for this quarters 3x6 bee. The one on the right is the one I made for me and a close up of how they look. The picture on the left is all the blocks I sent out. I also used my newly aquired EQ7 program to figure these out. Love it!

 These Blocks were made for the Sew Easy Being Green Group. I thought this was a really fun block to do and way easy. It would be an easy quilt to throw together.
The last block is for the Bee Quilted group...only we did no quilting this time. She had fun Christmas fabrics. I liked this block too and was glad she gave us the directions so I can add it to my piling up stack of other fun block and quilt ideas.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Progress Report

Well I've been busy working away on many different sewing projects.
First off is my Joy of Stars quilt. I had the Newbee group do two of their favorite star blocks. Everyone sent something back except for two...one I've heard from and the other nothing...disappointment...so I don't know if I should just do it like it is or should I add another four blocks? Hmmm trying to decide. But hey I like what I've gotten so far!
Next is the blocks I've recieved from the 3x6 quilt sampler swap. I chose red, black, and white, thinking I might make it into a throw for my sister. I love the blocks, but it isn't my favorite, probably because I'm not big into the color scheme. Maybe Janessa likes it? I'm still waiting on five more blocks which means I'll have to come up with another block or two. I like the swaps for you get to see all the different blocks people choose, but I don't really care for them because even though your colors are all the same, the fabrics are all so different. I don't know, guess maybe I'm not adventerous enough.

 Next is my block for the Calendar quilt block swap I found on Facebook. I had the month March. I really LOVE this block, its called Card Trick. We were suppose to send along a little note about our block...well here's mine. "March, in my part of the country starts out covered in snow, which melts and forms mud. Lots of mud. By the end of March the green starts showing up in grass & trees...sometimes. This represents the flow from snow to grass, taking into account all of the dang mud." Now all you from my part of the country, your nodding your head in agreement huh? Can't wait to see what other blocks I get for the rest of the year.
Here's another block for another swap. This time its a local swap. It was a Christmas Star block, using the colors red, green, white, gold, & blue. This is what I did. I was able to use all scraps and still make 9 blocks. Plus I have lots left over. So if you want some of the red or green let me know...cause I have plenty!
This next block are for the secret santa swap for my 'The Bee in my Bonnet' group. We all have some one to give a mug rug to. This is what I've done so far. But I can't decide on the center circle. So I've roughly cut some out and am asking for your help in deciding what to do. Once I decide on the final center it will be done much more professionally and then I get to quilt and bind it! Yay! Also for my first dresden plate I LOVE how it turned out. Wouldn't a quilt look wonderful with all these in it? So can you help me on a center for it? 1. Black 2. Green 3. Yellow 4. Red 5.White and 6. Pink. Thanks

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanks Dad.

My Dad is the BEST dad in the world. I'm sorry you can fight me all you want on this but its true! He taught me from an early age that hard honest work is such a blessing. He loves the land and his lifestyle. He could have been an engineer, or worked at NASA. Seriously he has that type of brain. But he loves the feel of a good horse under him and the view of his children, crops, and animals growing together. He taught me all about life from birth to death at a very early age. I was given responisbilities by him at an early age, which makes me a responsible adult today. The other thing I very much admire about him is that he does what he love and therefore he is truly happy with his life.

I love you Dad! Thanks for all that you have taught me and how you raised me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Backburner Issues

Life has been trudging along this year with many projects coming and going and some just sitting on the backburner. One such project that has just been sitting there, that I'm now kicking myself about is all the accounting I do for the Farm. UGH!!! I've been so good the past two years keeping up with it. This year, not so much. I still have all the reciepts and bank statements, but I look at them and guess what I don't remember what we bought there, so I don't know what category to put them in, so when it comes tax time I can have it all in the up and up. Well I've learned my lesson. I've done wonderful on my regular account and my budgeting, I've actually gotten much more aggressive there. Well now I'm going to have to have a couple of sit down long sessions here at the computer with papers spewn about and caculators and notes everywhere, while I get all my finacial statements for the farm up to date ASAP!! I also promise I'll keep up on it. What a nightmare!

Although I am thankful that I have the brain that I do, that I went to school and therefore I can do all my own accounting for the farm. SO NICE!! I've actually toyed with the idea of going into personal fincance and becoming a Finacial Advisor, my husband supports me completly. But I know I'm suppose to be home with my girls raising them. Maybe I should just do tax preparing for people out of my home...now there's an idea!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Wendnesday

...Not sure I'm ready for winter time to be here...
...Winter is defintaly here in FULL force on the high mountain desert...
...Really excited for my sisters wedding coming up in Feburary...
...Because of the time change my girls wake up at 5:30-6:00, but they are to bed by 8:00-8:30, kinda nice...
...Koda is on days off...
...Love it...
...I actually feel motivated to finish some UFO's...
...Have so many don't know where to start...
...Starting to have totally random thoughts at 1:00am...
...They keep me up all night...
...Wish I had the lawn planted before the snow and frost came...
...Maybe next year...
...I am thankful today for a warm house and no frozen water...
...So far...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two days of Thanks

I'm really having to think what I'm thankful for today. Yesterday I was thankful for the modern cleaning supplies and that my mom taught me how to keep a nice clean house. It keeps your stress level so much lower if you keep a clean house.

Today I'm in a very ornery mood and don't know what to say....I guess I'm thankful that Koda is off work for a few days and that we are all healthy. Hopefully I'm happier tomorrow. I think I finally have discovered what is causing my pessimistic mood to show up much more often, but we'll see.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday and Sunday Thanks

Yesterday (November 6th) I was very thankful for my wonderful sister in laws who are willing to help watch my girls when I need them too. I'm very happy that the three of us are always willing to help each other out and that all of our kids get along.

Today I'm thankful for the fact that it is Sunday. I love Sunday's. Sometimes the getting to church and staying through it by myself with two little ones is stressful. But the habit that I'm teaching them is so important. Afterwards, we usually just relax at the house or go visit family. I love Sunday for it is a day of rest and I use it to its full potential since I run the rest of the week.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Don't you just love payday? That time when the check comes rolling in for all that hard work you've been doing for the past little while, and you know you've been rewarded.

Don't you just hate payday? Once the cool the check is here, then comes the bills and grocery shopping to do for the next two weeks. Or at least thats how things go down here.

I am thankful that my husband has a job and we do have a steady pay check every two weeks. I'm also grateful for the restraint I put on us so we can get that much farther outta debt. My favorite quote. "Livin' like poor people now, so we can be rich later on!" Yep its nice, especially when I see that money piling up in the bank account, knowing that I'm going to have my tractor paid off when the first payment comes due in January. AWESOME FEELING!!! Then soon I'll have no more school loans and if my caculations are right and we are still at the same job making the same money...our land will be free and clear in SIX years. Even more awesome!!!

I'm looking forward to the day that the paycheck will just have to buy the neccesities of life and can go to savings and retirment to sit and build so when the time is right, we can retire and farm. What do you want to do when you retire and get to live off your hard earned saved money?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Milk Cows

Today the girls and I had to go and help Grandma L. out of bed this morning and I also had to stop at the grocery store and get some more milk. Ever since Page weaned herself, it seems our milk usuage has gone up tenfold, its amazing. This is our third gallon since Monday. Well as I was buying it the thought came, oh how I'm so grateful that I can come to this store and buy the milk, instead of having to milk the cow for it. Especially on cold mornings like this morning was and I know this evening to be. When you are milking a cow, it has to be done, night and morning, every single day, at about the same time. I'm so thankful that I live in this more modern time were I have the convenice of going to the grocery store and buying my milk. Don't get me wrong, I can milk a cow, and I would if I had to, but I'm so grateful that we have big dairies, who do all the milking for us. Thanks to those who do go twice/three times a day to make sure the cows are milked for us lazy people who like to go to the grocery store!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Bee Blocks

My thankful thought of the day goes right along with the many blocks I did for the quilting bee's this month. I'm very thankful that my Auntie Renee teaches a sewing class at the high school and that I was able to take it. Quilting is a very important part of my life. Like I've said before quilting is a major stress reliever for me. I enjoy these bee's for they are just little enough projects, plus I get to try many differnt styles of blocks that I never thought I'd do, to do with two children. I'm thinking though that five bee's may have been a little to much, It squeezes out the time I have to do my own projects. But I really enjoy the groups and the ladies in them.

This month was mine in Sew Bee Wonky and because of a flaker, they had Oct and Nov to finish them. So far I've gotten two blocks back...and I LOVE THEM! Last month (Sept) was my month in Bee Quilted and in Newbee. I've gotten all my Bee Quilted blocks back, just need to get them sewn together and I'm still waiting on two Newbee blocks. Hopefully they show up soon, cause I want that quilt done by December time.

Here's the parade of Bee blocks I did this month.

Sew Easy Being Green Blocks

Newbee Strip twist Block

Bee in my Bonnet Christmas Block

Bee Quilted Block

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful Thoughts

For the past few months I've had different thankful thoughts come into my mind for blog posts, but I thought I'll wait till November to post them, and I'll do a different thankful thought each day. Look at how well that started out...I didn't get yesterday's up. So here it is today then onto todays.

November 1st--I'm very thankful this day for calm horses.

Here's the story. My little busybody Daisy has it in her mind that she should be able to ride every single day of her life. Me I use to be that very way, so I can relate with her...but I'm relating with my mother much more so at this point in my life. (: So we got home from helping Grandma L. get out of bed and the first thing Daisy tells me is: "I'm going ride."  I said: "No, you can go play in the shed, but you can't go riding today." She looks at me, considers my words, then takes off towards the shed with her little compradres, the puppies.

I finish packing what groceries I had and Page in the house. I look out at her. I can hear her over in the shed. About every 2-3mins I'm checking on her. About fifteen mins later, she's not there and all the dogs are gone, and I can't see them anywhere by the house. So I load up Page and we go off to find her. I look in the horse field after I deducte that she's not in the shed, on the gravel pile, or by the tractor. Low and behold four little black dots, Daisy, Annabelle, and two puppies, all right by the horse. I can tell that Daisy has something in her hand but not what it is.

As I get closer I notice that it is a bridle. And that she is close enough to this horse that she can actually pet his chest...fear rose in my own chest, cause I know what that horse could do with his feet....but common sense or enough horse handling from the time I was that age, told me stay calm don't spook the horse. Daisy was there asking the horse to lower his head so she could bridle him and they could go riding. Needless to say, we ended up going riding that day, that was an experience in itself. Me and two girls, on a saddle that I didn't fit in...ya an experience...My brother is bring my saddle up today, so I will always have it here to ride.

So yes, Yesterday I was very thankful for a calm horse. And I apoligized to my mother, for I did the same thing to her, at the same age, only it wasn't once horse in the corral, there were many and they were all broncs. To those who say keeping track of a two year old is easy...I say just wait...

November 2nd--Today I'm thankful for many things and it all centers around the great nation that we live in. But today I'm very thankful that we has American adults have the opportunity to take the time and vote and help decide future members of Local, State, and National government boards. We do get a say, and while the say is very little, compared for those in the National government, we have very much say in our local government and thats a huge thing, also very awesome, we get to pick who leads us. I like that thought and I'm grateful for it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Little Bo Peep, Her lost sheep, and the doggie

 Well once again Halloween has snuck up and left us in the dust. This year we had lots of fun dressing the girls up. Page was a darling little lamb (thanks to Rashell for borrowing the costume to me!) and Daisy was Little Bo Peep. I had lots of fun making Daisy's costume and its a dress!!! She can wear it to play in!!! Yay!!!! We had lots of fun.

We went and seen Koda's grandmas and then went trunk-or-treating with Shasta and Tracy and their motley crew of kids. It was lots of fun going with all the cousins together.

On Friday night we went to the pumpkin festival with Koda and had fun looking at all the pumpkins, but we left very quickly. I still had to cook dinner and get a husband to bed so he could be to work by 4:30. Ah what the husband does for his little family!
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