Thursday, November 11, 2010

Backburner Issues

Life has been trudging along this year with many projects coming and going and some just sitting on the backburner. One such project that has just been sitting there, that I'm now kicking myself about is all the accounting I do for the Farm. UGH!!! I've been so good the past two years keeping up with it. This year, not so much. I still have all the reciepts and bank statements, but I look at them and guess what I don't remember what we bought there, so I don't know what category to put them in, so when it comes tax time I can have it all in the up and up. Well I've learned my lesson. I've done wonderful on my regular account and my budgeting, I've actually gotten much more aggressive there. Well now I'm going to have to have a couple of sit down long sessions here at the computer with papers spewn about and caculators and notes everywhere, while I get all my finacial statements for the farm up to date ASAP!! I also promise I'll keep up on it. What a nightmare!

Although I am thankful that I have the brain that I do, that I went to school and therefore I can do all my own accounting for the farm. SO NICE!! I've actually toyed with the idea of going into personal fincance and becoming a Finacial Advisor, my husband supports me completly. But I know I'm suppose to be home with my girls raising them. Maybe I should just do tax preparing for people out of my there's an idea!

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