Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful Thoughts

For the past few months I've had different thankful thoughts come into my mind for blog posts, but I thought I'll wait till November to post them, and I'll do a different thankful thought each day. Look at how well that started out...I didn't get yesterday's up. So here it is today then onto todays.

November 1st--I'm very thankful this day for calm horses.

Here's the story. My little busybody Daisy has it in her mind that she should be able to ride every single day of her life. Me I use to be that very way, so I can relate with her...but I'm relating with my mother much more so at this point in my life. (: So we got home from helping Grandma L. get out of bed and the first thing Daisy tells me is: "I'm going ride."  I said: "No, you can go play in the shed, but you can't go riding today." She looks at me, considers my words, then takes off towards the shed with her little compradres, the puppies.

I finish packing what groceries I had and Page in the house. I look out at her. I can hear her over in the shed. About every 2-3mins I'm checking on her. About fifteen mins later, she's not there and all the dogs are gone, and I can't see them anywhere by the house. So I load up Page and we go off to find her. I look in the horse field after I deducte that she's not in the shed, on the gravel pile, or by the tractor. Low and behold four little black dots, Daisy, Annabelle, and two puppies, all right by the horse. I can tell that Daisy has something in her hand but not what it is.

As I get closer I notice that it is a bridle. And that she is close enough to this horse that she can actually pet his chest...fear rose in my own chest, cause I know what that horse could do with his feet....but common sense or enough horse handling from the time I was that age, told me stay calm don't spook the horse. Daisy was there asking the horse to lower his head so she could bridle him and they could go riding. Needless to say, we ended up going riding that day, that was an experience in itself. Me and two girls, on a saddle that I didn't fit in...ya an experience...My brother is bring my saddle up today, so I will always have it here to ride.

So yes, Yesterday I was very thankful for a calm horse. And I apoligized to my mother, for I did the same thing to her, at the same age, only it wasn't once horse in the corral, there were many and they were all broncs. To those who say keeping track of a two year old is easy...I say just wait...

November 2nd--Today I'm thankful for many things and it all centers around the great nation that we live in. But today I'm very thankful that we has American adults have the opportunity to take the time and vote and help decide future members of Local, State, and National government boards. We do get a say, and while the say is very little, compared for those in the National government, we have very much say in our local government and thats a huge thing, also very awesome, we get to pick who leads us. I like that thought and I'm grateful for it.

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