Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Bee Blocks

My thankful thought of the day goes right along with the many blocks I did for the quilting bee's this month. I'm very thankful that my Auntie Renee teaches a sewing class at the high school and that I was able to take it. Quilting is a very important part of my life. Like I've said before quilting is a major stress reliever for me. I enjoy these bee's for they are just little enough projects, plus I get to try many differnt styles of blocks that I never thought I'd do, to do with two children. I'm thinking though that five bee's may have been a little to much, It squeezes out the time I have to do my own projects. But I really enjoy the groups and the ladies in them.

This month was mine in Sew Bee Wonky and because of a flaker, they had Oct and Nov to finish them. So far I've gotten two blocks back...and I LOVE THEM! Last month (Sept) was my month in Bee Quilted and in Newbee. I've gotten all my Bee Quilted blocks back, just need to get them sewn together and I'm still waiting on two Newbee blocks. Hopefully they show up soon, cause I want that quilt done by December time.

Here's the parade of Bee blocks I did this month.

Sew Easy Being Green Blocks

Newbee Strip twist Block

Bee in my Bonnet Christmas Block

Bee Quilted Block

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