Saturday, March 31, 2012

We've Been

Up to no good!!!
Hope you are having a great Spring!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Living like no one else.

"Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else."
Have you heard this before?
Yes it is a Dave Ramsey saying.
It's my motto to finances.
So as you probably know we are only down to owing on our land, which we would have to sell 114 steers to pay it off as of today. Seeing how we only have 30 cows on the place and only about half are at reproducing age, that number is a little disheartening.  But really I can't complain, we have a 160 acres that we got at a BARGAIN price, seriously you can get about 5 acres for the price we paid, (ya we are lucky).
Anyways onto the post.
So since we are so debt disgusted right now (thanks to watching others make stupid mistakes). We have decided we are going to super pay our land off and then save to build our house (I'm estimating at about 300k), when should this all be about 5 years!!!
I'm so EXCITED!!!
I can handle this little POS house I live in (I may actually miss it) for the chance to build my dream house with cash, for that long.
I can handle Koda working the job he works for that long.
I will make do with the vehicles we have for that long.
Especially if we can be living in our custom built house, debt free, on our farm by the time I'm 30.
Now you may call me crazy and that this is an unrealistic venture.
But that's ok, cause it's me who will be smiling in the end. :)
Oh and yes, if I have to extend this timeline out to 10 years, I'm still doing it.
Wish me luck!

Our Life in Pictures...Well Mostly Melody.

Hows life been here?
Crazy fun with all the drama you can imagine from a household with three little girls.
They have all started into a fighting/biting each other stage.
I have no idea how to deal with this.
Some exciting news, we have paid off all our extra loans. We now only have the land loan! So happy.
Anyways Melody is fighting me for the computer so I'm going to get off.
Enjoy the pictures of our life lately.
I've started Digi Scrapping, I Love it!! This is one of my first speed scraps.

She is becoming quite the comedian!

Sorry you have to tilt your head, but I've finally got one of my can shelves up and rollin' (hehe) one more to go!

A new favorite place to play.

These guys are starting to show up. Ya!! Spring is here!!

Horsey Ride.

Melody's new favorite activity, turning the main power off to the computer.

Who says I don't live in a small town???
Bonus points if you know who's cows they are.

Climbing Trees

Blasting flying orange objects.
Have to boast here. I haven't ever shot a shotgun, I haven't shot anything in over a year and a half.
On this day I got two of my four shots.
I stopped while ahead and went and cooked lunch. :)

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