Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our newest additon

Our newest baby girl, Miss Melody Belle, has shown up. And she is a doll. I promise to get more pictures up and details. For right now though I'm giong to sleep. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, WAITING!

Ugh...I really want to have this baby, so I can sleep better at night (ok, I know I won't get much more sleep, but at least it won't be because of my body, but because of baby).
My husband and kids want me to have the baby so I can find this face

Instead of having this face all the time.
Truth be known, I really want the happy me back too. Ugh Third pregnancies SUCK!


I've decided to give couponing a try again. I think that now I've gotten the nack down for menu planning, maybe I can succeed at using coupons. I didn't last time I tried. Over here at Money Saving Mom
She has a great seris on Better Budgeting for Groceries
 31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget
Mostly its, having a grocery budget, planning a menu, paying cash, and using coupons. I've gotten a grocery budget, I plan a two week menu, and I've started using just cash for my groceries. Next step coupons.

As I've searched over the internet there is many different ways to coupon. Organization styles, shopping styles, ect. My main problem is we really only have 3 main grocery stores in this town; Walmart, Jubille, and Smiths. I shop at two. When I tried to use coupons before I tried out the store Smiths, I loved it up in Logan, here in Vernal though...not so much...I really dislike it actually. So I don't shop there, personal preference.

Anyways, I found an organization style and shopping style that I like over here at Utah Deal Diva
And Grocery Smarts has my preffered grocery store, Jubille, located on it!! Yay!!! I had to do some research to find it but I've found it, its Associated Foods, late Ad run.

Anyways, for this week when I go grocery shopping I'll start out small using this method, seeing how I don't have a coupon back up base to use, and I'll start collecting my coupons and storing them away in a nice little 3-ring binder. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it and save more money!!! I'll keep you updated on what I've done and what it all looks like!
What do you do to save money on your grocery budget?

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Kitchen

This week I've been busy cleaning, cleaning, and organizing my kitchen. Koda gave me a hard time yesterday. He's all "Your about ready to pop out a baby, and here you are super cleaning this kitchen." Yes so I'm a woman, I'm pregnant, and it's Spring, give me a break. So I've done the different organizing challenges posted here pertaining to the kitchen as well as all my other cupboards countertops, ect. So here's the before and afters to prove it!
The Tubberware Cabinet


Under the Kitchen Sink


Spice Cabinet

The pantry I cleaned and organized earlier this month, so I can check that off my list, although I do have some new idea's on how to orgainze it now.
The Freezer and the fridge will be done at a later date. I just filled my freezer up with a bunch of meat, going to wait till this fall when it's emptier and I'm a bit less prego to clean it. The fridge I plan on doing next week. Now onto today which is the dresser drawers...or in my case going through the girls clothes and bringing out baby clothes to put into the "new" dresser we have. Have fun today!!

Weekend Fun

Even though the weather was kinda miserable we had a fun productive weekend. We helped my family shear sheep. The girls LOVED it. Here's some fun pictures from the weekend.

Also my organizing challeng pictures. The challenge was to clean off and organize the computer desk. Well seeing how I just got a new desk and its all cleaned and organized, I thought I would do the desk area were the computer use to be, the baby is going to be for a few months, and maybe one day I can make it my crafting area.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Big Girl Bed

My little Page is getting so big. She loves to follow and copy her sister in everything. She is starting to communicate quite well...Maybe only to me, but hey at least I understand her! She is a little talker and loves animals. The other day we put her crib down into a toddler bed, seeing how the baby is going to need to crib in a few months, I figure we'll get her use to a regular bed, and we'll need to put a bunk bed on the other bed and move Daisy up (that's nerve racking!)
Anyways Page loves her bed. She's fallen out only once, but its only been two days... She also had another first, she made a mess, as in pulled an entire container of kool-aid on her head. She was not happy. It was too cute I had to get a picture of it.

Organizing Challenge

Lately I've been really drawn to organizing blogs. Probably something to do with nesting eh?
Well so over here at A Bowl Full of Lemons she had a 21 Day challenge at the first of the year. Well I'm going to do it. I'm due the thirtieth...21 days away...perfect. I started it yesterday figured it would help to give my need to organize some direction, so I wouldn't get feeling overwhelmed and then depressed. Now I know the baby will come whenever (I'm actually hoping she shows up a little early) so I'll be doing a few challenges on the same day. So lets go!! Here's her button to hook up, I also have it on my sidebar.
And now off to challenge #1 The Junk Drawer. In my case it is a Junk shelf, seeing how I only have two drawers in my kitchen area and those are used for wash clothes and towels and cooking utensils. So here's my collage of before and afters.

Looks much better huh?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sewing Days

Its been a bunch of sewing days around here at my house. I've finally finished with my last project that I had planned...But I've found this tutorial for a shirt dress, that you make from a men's dress shirt...ya that is being added to my to-do list.

I've been busy sewing baby needed items like car seat canopies, car seat swaddlers, a diaper bag, and a clutch, just because.

Here are the canopies. I made three. a green one for my cousin Jakelle (due 6/14/2011), a blue one for my cousin Mindi (had her baby yesterday), and a brown/orange on for me (due 4/30/2011). Three little girls, one right after the other, lots of fun!!! I used a basic pattern with some added twists of my own, like the snap's and buttons.
I also made Jakelle a car seat swaddler, I'm thinking I'll make me one too. I didn't get Mindi one made, since the baby is already here. This design was my own. Good Job Marlynn!!

I also made me a new diaper bag, following this tutorial, from Moda Bake Shop. Fairly easy, but I had to figure somethings out. Good thing I made me one first before I made someone else one. Just so I know how to do it for sure!

And a cute little ruffled clutch following this tutorial, by Anna over here at Noodlehead.

Totally Cute right???
So other then that really my girls have done an excellent job of getting on my nerves and tearing my house apart.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis

I believe my husband is having one. Seriously. In January he brought home a 1978 CJ7 Jeep. Ya its a piecer. Sorry no pic....he drove it to work today. But he's been having a blast in it. I thought maybe he'd fixed his craving and we could move on. Well look at who joined our family night before last.
Bruce. Yep. A rottiwieler. Not sure about this one. Funny thing is, we had him named within the first ten minutes of having him.
This guy...Puppy....still hasn't been really named except for Puppy, he's been around for six or so months.

But our favorite is still Annabelle, even if she is almost completely blind and death. Only four and she needs lasik surgery. It's sad.
So I wonder what I'll do when I have my quarter life crisis...hmmmm...maybe I should start planning.
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