Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sewing Days

Its been a bunch of sewing days around here at my house. I've finally finished with my last project that I had planned...But I've found this tutorial for a shirt dress, that you make from a men's dress shirt...ya that is being added to my to-do list.

I've been busy sewing baby needed items like car seat canopies, car seat swaddlers, a diaper bag, and a clutch, just because.

Here are the canopies. I made three. a green one for my cousin Jakelle (due 6/14/2011), a blue one for my cousin Mindi (had her baby yesterday), and a brown/orange on for me (due 4/30/2011). Three little girls, one right after the other, lots of fun!!! I used a basic pattern with some added twists of my own, like the snap's and buttons.
I also made Jakelle a car seat swaddler, I'm thinking I'll make me one too. I didn't get Mindi one made, since the baby is already here. This design was my own. Good Job Marlynn!!

I also made me a new diaper bag, following this tutorial, from Moda Bake Shop. Fairly easy, but I had to figure somethings out. Good thing I made me one first before I made someone else one. Just so I know how to do it for sure!

And a cute little ruffled clutch following this tutorial, by Anna over here at Noodlehead.

Totally Cute right???
So other then that really my girls have done an excellent job of getting on my nerves and tearing my house apart.

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  1. Wow! look at you! someday i will sew that good....:) Love that ruffled clutch! so do you have a name picked out???


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