Friday, April 1, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis

I believe my husband is having one. Seriously. In January he brought home a 1978 CJ7 Jeep. Ya its a piecer. Sorry no pic....he drove it to work today. But he's been having a blast in it. I thought maybe he'd fixed his craving and we could move on. Well look at who joined our family night before last.
Bruce. Yep. A rottiwieler. Not sure about this one. Funny thing is, we had him named within the first ten minutes of having him.
This guy...Puppy....still hasn't been really named except for Puppy, he's been around for six or so months.

But our favorite is still Annabelle, even if she is almost completely blind and death. Only four and she needs lasik surgery. It's sad.
So I wonder what I'll do when I have my quarter life crisis...hmmmm...maybe I should start planning.

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