Saturday, April 9, 2011

Organizing Challenge

Lately I've been really drawn to organizing blogs. Probably something to do with nesting eh?
Well so over here at A Bowl Full of Lemons she had a 21 Day challenge at the first of the year. Well I'm going to do it. I'm due the thirtieth...21 days away...perfect. I started it yesterday figured it would help to give my need to organize some direction, so I wouldn't get feeling overwhelmed and then depressed. Now I know the baby will come whenever (I'm actually hoping she shows up a little early) so I'll be doing a few challenges on the same day. So lets go!! Here's her button to hook up, I also have it on my sidebar.
And now off to challenge #1 The Junk Drawer. In my case it is a Junk shelf, seeing how I only have two drawers in my kitchen area and those are used for wash clothes and towels and cooking utensils. So here's my collage of before and afters.

Looks much better huh?

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