Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well the jolly ole fat guy in a red suit came and visted our house Christmas Eve and the girls thought that it was  just plain AWESOME!! I always try to get some pictures taken, but I"m not the best. Here is the few I do have. I have some on another camera, but I'll have to wait till I get home to get it! 
Stuff from Santa
Books and Movie
Page's Stocking and gifts

Page grabbing and checking out all her toys

Daisy's stuff from Santa 
Daisy putting on all the jewlery she got in her Princess bag
Daisy putting on some of her Dress up stuff. This is what I have on the other camera all of her dress up stuff. It was defintaly the 'gift' of the year. Good thinking Nama
I have no idea what the smirk is all about. But there's my handsome husband.
Page playing in the box
Page's favorite gift. A blow up ball pit. Another great Idea Nama.
We had quite a good Christmas. We started it out at hour house and then traveled over to Koda's mom's and Dad's to eat breakfast and open gifts. (Again Pics on a different camera). Then we went home fed the cows and headed out to the Ranch to open gifts and eat lunch with my family. Also on Sunday we went to Koda's parents and had dinner with the whole family since Scott was home for the holidays. It was lots of fun...although quite noisy as you can imagine with seven grandchildren five and under. Hope you all had a great Christmas. 

An Ole' Chew Family Party

Every year we have a Chew Family Christmas party...and I must say it is quite the event. So it is sad that some of the family as decided this will be the last party. Dang party poopers. We always have dinner, play some games, and exchange gifts. Us cousins always exchange with another cousin and the older wiser folks exchange gifts. I will agree that the gift exchanging is getting out of hand, seeing how we have great-grands and huge families now. But I think we should still do a dinner and get together. Heck we could even have Santa stop by for the little ones. OH well...we'll see what happens. Here's some pics from the night. 
Jacob and Page. She just thought he was the coolest. 

Jacob playing with Page and Derrick

Uncle Doak, Grace and some of their clan.

L to R: Fran, Jon, Daisy, Me, Dad, and Mom

L to R: Aunt Renee, Uncle Russ, Joslyn, Ty, Kalee, and Teya

L to R: Ty, Kalee, Teya, Uncle Neil, Michelle, Tyler (Ty), and Tane

L to R: Carson, Nick, and Tal


Derrick (UD's grandkid)

Grandma Laura...the matriarch of the family

Daisy brushing her ponies hair

Dad, Mom and Page

Aunt Grace, Fran, and Jon
It was a fun, fun party and its always way nice to see everyone. 

Happy, Happy, Birthday Girlie!

Our little Page Lynn is one years old!!! Its amazing to think that a year ago I had a brand new little baby, whose grown into such a cutie. 
At the age of one she is quite the girl. She's cruising every where, but not yet brave enough to walk. She crawls in super speed and eats that way too. She has six teeth, with the rest all coming in together right now. She is a very pleseant little girl and has a smile for everyone. She is starting to be a bit more assertive when things aren't how she wants them, but for the most part she is very calm and very patient. We are so happy that we have this angel in our house. She makes the each day such a blast.
 Page's birthday party we actually celebrated on her Aunt Janessa's Birthday the 22nd, since we had a Family Christmas party on the 23rd. Nama made her cake for her...and I have to say it is ADORABLE!!! She also got to open her gifts and got really into that the next morning she figured it was time to open the Christmas gifts. Tell you what it defintaly is a hard thing to have a birthday girl so close to Christmas, but so goes life. We've decided that as she gets older and can have friend parties, they will be celebrated in June, so she doesn't get short-changed like my sister did.
With her Cake
Opening Presents

Eating Cake. UMM!!

Christmas Time's a Comin

The tree is in, the gifts are wrapped and the Elves have shown up to make sure we are all be nice and not naughty. Now its time to get ready for a birthday party!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Ponderings

Today my mind is  jumping all over the place from how the keys on the keyboard is are really tough and sticking down after I spilt juice all over it the other day. Way to go Marlynn haha. Then they jump to a year ago when I was nine months pregnant and so jelous that everyone else with babies due Christmas day were having them the 16th. My little angel didn't show her face till the 23rd...and I thought I wanted her to wait till new years haha, I would've been miserable. So now her birthday is a only a week away and I need to get to thinking what to do and I need to get a yearling picture took and into the paper AHH!

OH well, at least I now offically have my Christmas shopping done, except for a gift for Koda, I can't really do that with him around though so that will be tomorrow I get it. Now I just need to wrap my gifts. Hey we also got our Christmas tree up last night, with can you believe it...kid safe ornatments...I was told they were impossible to find...haha...not true, go to the dollar store, cheap stuff is kid safe. :O Litterly happy! Anyways now its time to finish the laundry and get my living room decluttered from all the decoration boxes and baby parafinila that I won't need for...4months. AHH!! 4 Months and I'll have three...I'm going to go hyperventelate....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sanatation and Santa Clause

Today Daisy and I went to our Ward Breakfast Christmas Party. (I think they forgot to schedule the chapel in time, but who knows our ward is VERY unconventional too). It was a lovely breakfast potluck we had, they had a good play and nativity story...then the Jolly Fat Guy came. Daisy was excited and wanted to see him, but the moment we got close and she realized she had to sit on his lap, she pulled a trick I did all my younger years and started bawling. Guess she's more like me then I know!

Miss Page was to come with us too, but yesterday fate dealt us a nasty hand and she now has pink eye! Do you want to hear the tale? I have to write it down for my girls to read back on one day, but I caution you! It is a NASTY tale and you have to have a strong stomach to handle it.

It was about 1:30 in yesterday afternoon when I noticed Page had mucus type stuff around her eye. I thought maybe it was something to do with the cat we were just around at my friends house and was just going to pay attention to it. Around four I was at my mom's school just getting ready to go, when I noticed that Page's eye was worse and it was even a little red. First thing I suspected pink eye. My niece and nephew had it last week, so we have been avoiding them and the house they live at like the plauge. Well Monday my brother in law  (Ben) and nephew (Tanner) were at down here at the farm helping with fence and all, later that afternoon I heard them come in the house. I ran up to the living room and I see Tanner has his shoes and coat off like he's coming in to stay. I asked is he still contagious? Ben told me no. I told Ben that if I had pink eye show up at my place I was hunting him down.

Well now we jump back to Friday...and my daughter has pink eye. I have the ointment, eye drops, warned my friend about it and started washing and sanatizing everything I can think of. I also keep thinking how did I get this???? It's been four days since we'd seen Tanner. (Oh yes I had already called and given Ben a hard time). So I got back to thinking over the course of the day if there was anything at all that she could have gotten in her eye to cause it...and my mind stopped on an event from that morning about ten.

Here is the nasty part.

I was in the shower, hurrying to get ready so I could get to my friends house and we could do our December craft. My girls were playing in the hallway and door of my room. When I got out, I could hear Page coughing on something. I looked at her and she had brown stuff all over her hands and face. I kept thinking where did you get the chocolate? Especially chocolate that looked like that. I couldn't figure it out. I then looked at Daisy and she was wearing panties, cause thats what she wanted, and she had poop all down her leg and in her panties. Page was eating Daisy's poop... GROSS!!!! So I cleaned them up, bathed them, clean the carpet,  cleaned their clothes, and the whole area it was in and we went on our way. Thinking nothing of it.

Well like I said fate had another thing in mind for I have pink eye to deal with now and our house is on total sanizatation alert. Seriously!! I don't want any of the rest of us to get it. I know that this is just one of those things that happens when you have children and really there is nothing I can do about it but just deal with it. I am happy to say that Page's eye looks MUCH better this morning and yes I've called and let Ben off the hook. But for now I'm in lock down mode and chlorox and lysol are my best friends just like the washing machine that I'm afraid is starting to leak.

Hope your weekend is much better!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've Been Thinking

I really should do something productive today....But I think I'll sit and read a book. Yep

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Did I talk to soon?

So the moment I posted my last post I walked into my bathroom and this is the site I see. Daisy with foundation all over her hands and legs. I don't even use this type of foundation all that often...why do I even have it? Well I guess I know remind me that I have a two year old in the midst. So being a mom I've learned that plans must be easily changed and adapted...thank heavens this one was easy to clean up. Both girls got a bath. They loved me and I got the bathroom cleaned and her cleaned, again, and probably not for the last time today. :)

Good Day

Today has started off good and by the way its going it should end good. I'm happy!!
I actually got to sleep in today...eight o'clock baby!
I have all the mopping and cleaning done. Found some really good stuff that cuts through the hard water stains I have in the bathroom!! Yipee!!!
Going to get the corners sewed down on my mug rug, then thats ready to send off.
Sewing the cuffs on my stockings I've'll get to see them soon!
Making lasagna and maybe upside down pineapple cake for dinner.
Going Visiting Teaching today.
Its going to be a good day. Hope you day is good too!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Day of Skirts

Today I got three skirts sewed. My plan was to get two finished for my nieces that we give to for Christmas...but now that I have them done, and Daisy has already tried one on...I may just keep them for her. I was also able to get one made for Page. Is that selfish of me to keep them for my girls? I originally bought the material to make skirts for my girls, but then later on decided to make them for the nieces. Problem is, I don't know if their mom will have them wear them. Whereas I know my girls will wear them....hmmm....I don't know what to do...What do you think? I think they turned out really cute!

Isn't it amazing how two skirts can look so different even will all the same fabric's used in them?

Oh and can you believe it...its already December!! Crazy. In 23 almost 22 days my baby girl will be a walking one year fast.

**Edit** I've decided to give the skirts to the nieces. I think they will love them and have a lot of fun with them! Plus they are so easy to make, I can make Daisy tons! **

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Its 6:30.
Need to find something to do till bed time.
I've had a cold for....well ever it seems.
The girls have had it for the past week.
The working man has had it for three days.
Its no fun.
Got all the things on my to-do list done for the day!!!
May not look it in the living room though.
Husband is on night its a lonely night.
Two and a half hours till its bed time.
What to do till then?
Finished my book...need a new one.
Plan on sewing most of the day tomorrow.
Need to write up some posts on the last two book clubs.
Need to form next years book club list.
Wish my internet worked better at night.
The youngest of the brood is into squealing.
The toddler is into jumping...onto everything and everybody.
I'm getting the desire to maybe go back to school.
Online school that is.
Don't know.
Found an online site with wonderful patterns.
Thats not a good thing.
Except I think it is.
I need to get some UFO's done next year.
I need to get a quilt done for my sister by Feburary.
Maybe I should make a To-Do list for my sewing needs in 2011.
Really should just focus on the sewing list for this Christmas.
Thats an idea.
Oh ya I need to vaccum my truck tomorrow.
Need to also shampoo the carpet in the house.
That can wait till March/April.
Before the babe comes.
Excited for the babe.
Still have a strong inkling its a boy.
Maybe the ultrasound lady lied.
Now thats an idea.
Need to figure something out for lunch tomorrow.
I know its the night before.
I'm a woman.
Can't you tell by my thought process?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Bit of News

Well we feel its time to shout it out. We are expecting the stork to stop by our house around May 1st to deliver our third child...a baby girl. We are excited for her to come, but yes we had our hearts set for a boy. And this pregnancy has been so much different that we felt maybe it really was a boy. But the lab tech said 90% sure its a here we are. So lucky me I get to have three girls under the age of two, for two weeks before Daisy turns three...I'm crazy, but somehow I'll survive. So I'm going to go and plug in a Christmas show and start cutting out fabric for the stockings I'm going to make for our kids. Yes I have tons of laundry to do and I need to clean the house, and start dinner, but I figure I can do the laundry around the cutting of fabric, the housework can wait till tomorrow, and dinner...well I'll get there. Hope you have a good evening, especially with this blizzard blowing in and for sure going to turn our desert land into a white world.

Friday, November 19, 2010

November Bee Blocks

For the Bee in My Bonnet Group she sent some creepy fabric and asked for a broken dish block style. I really like this block style and will have to remember it for future reference. The material she can keep though. It was Alice in Wonderland weird.  
 Next was the Newbee block. She just wanted something square or rectangle and didn't mind if they were wonky... so my creation. A wonky nine patch. I really like it. Sorry its not better ironed. I do know to do that!

These next blocks are the ones I made for this quarters 3x6 bee. The one on the right is the one I made for me and a close up of how they look. The picture on the left is all the blocks I sent out. I also used my newly aquired EQ7 program to figure these out. Love it!

 These Blocks were made for the Sew Easy Being Green Group. I thought this was a really fun block to do and way easy. It would be an easy quilt to throw together.
The last block is for the Bee Quilted group...only we did no quilting this time. She had fun Christmas fabrics. I liked this block too and was glad she gave us the directions so I can add it to my piling up stack of other fun block and quilt ideas.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Progress Report

Well I've been busy working away on many different sewing projects.
First off is my Joy of Stars quilt. I had the Newbee group do two of their favorite star blocks. Everyone sent something back except for I've heard from and the other I don't know if I should just do it like it is or should I add another four blocks? Hmmm trying to decide. But hey I like what I've gotten so far!
Next is the blocks I've recieved from the 3x6 quilt sampler swap. I chose red, black, and white, thinking I might make it into a throw for my sister. I love the blocks, but it isn't my favorite, probably because I'm not big into the color scheme. Maybe Janessa likes it? I'm still waiting on five more blocks which means I'll have to come up with another block or two. I like the swaps for you get to see all the different blocks people choose, but I don't really care for them because even though your colors are all the same, the fabrics are all so different. I don't know, guess maybe I'm not adventerous enough.

 Next is my block for the Calendar quilt block swap I found on Facebook. I had the month March. I really LOVE this block, its called Card Trick. We were suppose to send along a little note about our block...well here's mine. "March, in my part of the country starts out covered in snow, which melts and forms mud. Lots of mud. By the end of March the green starts showing up in grass & trees...sometimes. This represents the flow from snow to grass, taking into account all of the dang mud." Now all you from my part of the country, your nodding your head in agreement huh? Can't wait to see what other blocks I get for the rest of the year.
Here's another block for another swap. This time its a local swap. It was a Christmas Star block, using the colors red, green, white, gold, & blue. This is what I did. I was able to use all scraps and still make 9 blocks. Plus I have lots left over. So if you want some of the red or green let me know...cause I have plenty!
This next block are for the secret santa swap for my 'The Bee in my Bonnet' group. We all have some one to give a mug rug to. This is what I've done so far. But I can't decide on the center circle. So I've roughly cut some out and am asking for your help in deciding what to do. Once I decide on the final center it will be done much more professionally and then I get to quilt and bind it! Yay! Also for my first dresden plate I LOVE how it turned out. Wouldn't a quilt look wonderful with all these in it? So can you help me on a center for it? 1. Black 2. Green 3. Yellow 4. Red 5.White and 6. Pink. Thanks

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