Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Ponderings

Today my mind is  jumping all over the place from how the keys on the keyboard is are really tough and sticking down after I spilt juice all over it the other day. Way to go Marlynn haha. Then they jump to a year ago when I was nine months pregnant and so jelous that everyone else with babies due Christmas day were having them the 16th. My little angel didn't show her face till the 23rd...and I thought I wanted her to wait till new years haha, I would've been miserable. So now her birthday is a only a week away and I need to get to thinking what to do and I need to get a yearling picture took and into the paper AHH!

OH well, at least I now offically have my Christmas shopping done, except for a gift for Koda, I can't really do that with him around though so that will be tomorrow I get it. Now I just need to wrap my gifts. Hey we also got our Christmas tree up last night, with can you believe it...kid safe ornatments...I was told they were impossible to find...haha...not true, go to the dollar store, cheap stuff is kid safe. :O Litterly happy! Anyways now its time to finish the laundry and get my living room decluttered from all the decoration boxes and baby parafinila that I won't need for...4months. AHH!! 4 Months and I'll have three...I'm going to go hyperventelate....

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