Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sanatation and Santa Clause

Today Daisy and I went to our Ward Breakfast Christmas Party. (I think they forgot to schedule the chapel in time, but who knows our ward is VERY unconventional too). It was a lovely breakfast potluck we had, they had a good play and nativity story...then the Jolly Fat Guy came. Daisy was excited and wanted to see him, but the moment we got close and she realized she had to sit on his lap, she pulled a trick I did all my younger years and started bawling. Guess she's more like me then I know!

Miss Page was to come with us too, but yesterday fate dealt us a nasty hand and she now has pink eye! Do you want to hear the tale? I have to write it down for my girls to read back on one day, but I caution you! It is a NASTY tale and you have to have a strong stomach to handle it.

It was about 1:30 in yesterday afternoon when I noticed Page had mucus type stuff around her eye. I thought maybe it was something to do with the cat we were just around at my friends house and was just going to pay attention to it. Around four I was at my mom's school just getting ready to go, when I noticed that Page's eye was worse and it was even a little red. First thing I suspected pink eye. My niece and nephew had it last week, so we have been avoiding them and the house they live at like the plauge. Well Monday my brother in law  (Ben) and nephew (Tanner) were at down here at the farm helping with fence and all, later that afternoon I heard them come in the house. I ran up to the living room and I see Tanner has his shoes and coat off like he's coming in to stay. I asked is he still contagious? Ben told me no. I told Ben that if I had pink eye show up at my place I was hunting him down.

Well now we jump back to Friday...and my daughter has pink eye. I have the ointment, eye drops, warned my friend about it and started washing and sanatizing everything I can think of. I also keep thinking how did I get this???? It's been four days since we'd seen Tanner. (Oh yes I had already called and given Ben a hard time). So I got back to thinking over the course of the day if there was anything at all that she could have gotten in her eye to cause it...and my mind stopped on an event from that morning about ten.

Here is the nasty part.

I was in the shower, hurrying to get ready so I could get to my friends house and we could do our December craft. My girls were playing in the hallway and door of my room. When I got out, I could hear Page coughing on something. I looked at her and she had brown stuff all over her hands and face. I kept thinking where did you get the chocolate? Especially chocolate that looked like that. I couldn't figure it out. I then looked at Daisy and she was wearing panties, cause thats what she wanted, and she had poop all down her leg and in her panties. Page was eating Daisy's poop... GROSS!!!! So I cleaned them up, bathed them, clean the carpet,  cleaned their clothes, and the whole area it was in and we went on our way. Thinking nothing of it.

Well like I said fate had another thing in mind for I have pink eye to deal with now and our house is on total sanizatation alert. Seriously!! I don't want any of the rest of us to get it. I know that this is just one of those things that happens when you have children and really there is nothing I can do about it but just deal with it. I am happy to say that Page's eye looks MUCH better this morning and yes I've called and let Ben off the hook. But for now I'm in lock down mode and chlorox and lysol are my best friends just like the washing machine that I'm afraid is starting to leak.

Hope your weekend is much better!

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