Monday, December 27, 2010

An Ole' Chew Family Party

Every year we have a Chew Family Christmas party...and I must say it is quite the event. So it is sad that some of the family as decided this will be the last party. Dang party poopers. We always have dinner, play some games, and exchange gifts. Us cousins always exchange with another cousin and the older wiser folks exchange gifts. I will agree that the gift exchanging is getting out of hand, seeing how we have great-grands and huge families now. But I think we should still do a dinner and get together. Heck we could even have Santa stop by for the little ones. OH well...we'll see what happens. Here's some pics from the night. 
Jacob and Page. She just thought he was the coolest. 

Jacob playing with Page and Derrick

Uncle Doak, Grace and some of their clan.

L to R: Fran, Jon, Daisy, Me, Dad, and Mom

L to R: Aunt Renee, Uncle Russ, Joslyn, Ty, Kalee, and Teya

L to R: Ty, Kalee, Teya, Uncle Neil, Michelle, Tyler (Ty), and Tane

L to R: Carson, Nick, and Tal


Derrick (UD's grandkid)

Grandma Laura...the matriarch of the family

Daisy brushing her ponies hair

Dad, Mom and Page

Aunt Grace, Fran, and Jon
It was a fun, fun party and its always way nice to see everyone. 

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