Monday, October 19, 2009


Hey everyone, just thought I would update you in our lives and get some new pics up here since those are always fun to look at. We are living in our trailer now, of course somethings are still rednecked but oh well I LOVE IT! We are all doing great. Daisy loves the outdoors and the dog. She also loves it when her dad is home so she doesn't have to hang out with mom all day, dad is so much more fun. Our little one in the oven is doing great growing and staying strong so that is good news and it still looks like christmas day. Nothing really new in our lives. Hope everyone else is healthy happy and safe.

Our House

Lunch Induced slumber

Riding the wild bronco!

Reading Old Macdonald her favorite book

Monday, September 28, 2009

Turned my back for only a minute....

Here is what Daisy has done today. She found the dirt in the potted plant, uprooted the plant and played in the dirt all at grandmas house! But you can scold that innocent smile that says "Look mom at what I did! I did a good job huh?"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Daisy Swims

Heres some pictures of Daisy swimming, which she would do all the time if I let her :)

Catching up

Geez I'm not very good at keeping this updated, but I will place that blame gladly on the fact that I have no internet at my new home, therfore I just come over to a computer once or twice a week and then I usually have little miss muffett wanting to help me. Right now she is asleep, so I will try and quickly up date everyone.

We have moved into our trailer HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! We love it, still living like rednecks, but I don't care, after three years of waiting it is finally here!

Daisy is a growing girl, and she spends her day, talking, climbing, running, and of course playing with the dog. She loves her new room too, and for having never slept in her own room for fourteen months, she is doing very good and sleeps the whole night through. I sigh with relief, I thought it was going to be a huge struggle.

And the other exciting news, we are expecting another little girl, due Christmas day!!! So excited, although I'm nervous, how do you deal with a newborn again??? Anyways hopes all is going well elsewhere, and I'll try to keep this caught up instead of five monthsapart :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catcing Up On Our Life

Hey sorry its been so long since I've updated anything. The computer I used to connect to the internet hit a brick wall and gave up working and month or so back. But I'm back online now Ya!!

Daisy- Is ten and half months old today. Has two teeth, and four more just under the gums, but they are being very stupporn in coming in, which has made the past weeks kinda miserable. She is a cruiseing machine and will walk around everything. She also has discovered she can manuver the stairs great and goes up and down up and down up and down, which in turns makes me not get anything done because I'm always watching her making sure she doesn't fall. She also is a little talk talk talker although we don't understand anything beyond mamma, na-ma (grandma) and dada, but she sure knows what she is saying. In this picture we are helping to preg test the milk cows out at my mom and dads place.

Koda- Is still working at his job Thank heavens and is busy with all of the farm stuff, getting our house put in etc. He is also studying to be a gunsmith, which he is really enjoying and is learning a lot from. The picture above is at my grandparents fiftieth wedding annivarsy in Richfield UT.

Me- I'm just trying to get my daily things done with my little helper aka Daisy. I work for the NASS department of the USDA and am a survey taker. I know one of those pain in the butt kind of people. But its a good job that I can take Daisy with me and I set my own hours, also its in my field of study. Although I'm now looking at becoming a Certified Finacial Planner, for I think I would like to start my own financial planning/advising business. The picture above was taken in Nov 2008

We are just haning out here in our own little world doing our own little thing, and are glad that we have each other, the gospel, and our families and friends in our life.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Husband Tag

1 . Where did you meet your husband?I met him at school in the welding department. I was dating one of his friends at the time.

2.How long did you date before you got married? 6months before his mission and then about 5 months after.

3. How long have you been married?2 1/2 years

4. What does he do that surprises you?oh just simple things like picking a wildflower he sees while hunting or working.

5. What is your favorite feature of his? his smile.

6. What is his best quality? He a hardworking country boy and is so respectful

7. Does he have a nickname for you? back in the day it was little lady, and now its my love

8. What is his favorite food? steak, potatoes, and gravy

9. What is his favorite sport? hunting

10. When and where did you first kiss? it was at the western park, at the 4-h dance on his 19th birthday. we were hanging out up by the outdoor theatre with kevin and his date, and goofing off, and all of a sudden we were kissing, it was crazy.

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Feeding cows with our little girl just hanging with each other working side by side on our little farm.

12. Do you have any children? Yes!! The cutest little wonder.

13. Does he have any hidden talents? ya, they are still hidden from me, lol

14. How old is he?24

15. Who said I love you first?I think it was him, it defintaly was the second time

16. What is his favorite music?probably country

17. What do you admire most about him? That he is very hardworking and cares so much about me and Daisy

18. What is his favorite color? Green

19. Will he read this?no

20. Who will I tag next?Meagan and whoever else I suppose

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Years update

The new year is here and life is still hetic at our household. Daisy (almost 8 mnths old) has one tooth and she is working on her second. She is a crawling machine, and she is loving this new ability. She will crawl to anything and stand up next to it, she hasn't yet figured out how to crawl up onto things, (thank heavens) but she is determined in figuring it out. She also loves to walk, and just has to figure standing up on her own, and she'll be gone. She is still a major mommas girl, though she has decided that dad is funner to play with. She loves going outside and playing with her dog. She just loves to pet that crazy Annabelle. She is deciding also that baby food is boring and thinks she should eat whatever is on moms plate. But she has decided that her cup is better to drink out of than moms, so that is nice.

Other news in our family is that we bought ourselves a 14x70 trailer and are planning on putting that on our farm. We (Marlynn) are/is so excited!!! The holidays went good at our house, and Daisy got her first horse. Which she thinks is a blast. Thats all i have for now.
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