Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Years update

The new year is here and life is still hetic at our household. Daisy (almost 8 mnths old) has one tooth and she is working on her second. She is a crawling machine, and she is loving this new ability. She will crawl to anything and stand up next to it, she hasn't yet figured out how to crawl up onto things, (thank heavens) but she is determined in figuring it out. She also loves to walk, and just has to figure standing up on her own, and she'll be gone. She is still a major mommas girl, though she has decided that dad is funner to play with. She loves going outside and playing with her dog. She just loves to pet that crazy Annabelle. She is deciding also that baby food is boring and thinks she should eat whatever is on moms plate. But she has decided that her cup is better to drink out of than moms, so that is nice.

Other news in our family is that we bought ourselves a 14x70 trailer and are planning on putting that on our farm. We (Marlynn) are/is so excited!!! The holidays went good at our house, and Daisy got her first horse. Which she thinks is a blast. Thats all i have for now.

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