Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Time

Ok I seriously stink at taking pictures of important events! 
Our Christmas went well. 
Santa stopped by.
Mrs. Clause fixed the gifts all pretty.
Santa slept.
The girls got magnectic dress up dolls, coloring book, reading book, really cute hats, a barbie, plus a few other stocking stuff (bathroom stuff). Daisy got her pink dress she asked for and Page got a stick horse.
Melody's stuffed animal didn't show up.
Because Cousin Cheyenne gave her the EXACT same thing the night before.
Good thing she is only 7 months and doesn't know she kinda got jipped.

They also got farm animals, fences, and a green tractor.
Believe me a huge hit!

Page in her green hat playing with the animals.

Melody and her hat, plus her babies 1st Christmas ornament.

Daisy and her barbie.

Page on Christmas. 

Melody in her Christmas outfit and Daisy's hat. 

I think she is just ADORABLE!!!
Koda and I fared out well too.
I got his goat by getting him a toy viewfinder aka a fancy spotting scope. I even did the research and found a view of a big elk for him to look at.
He didn't think it was to funny.
hahahha I did.
I got a Bosch Kitchen Mixer.
OH ya I'm happy!!!!
Hope you all had a great Christmas, Bring on the New Year!

My little 2 year old

Was it really two years ago that Miss Page was born??
Holy cow...I feel like I should still be pregnant with her!
So I totally thought I blogged about her birth and all.
Guess what...did not....
Dec 23rd was a birthday for us!
Page turned two and had a grand ole time!
Well actually all day long her and Melody both had fevers (later we found out they had hand, foot, mouth viruis yuck!)
By the time the cake and ice cream time rolled around though, she was happier.
We didn't do anything extravagant.
Just had family over for cake and ice cream and to encourage her in opening her presents.
She was of course all about that.
 Until present number two and she opened a pony.
She was done!
It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to consider even looking at another gift.
I guess she only needed that pony!
Anyways enjoy!

Grandmas chatting away

L-R: Grandma Teresa, Dad, Papa, Uncle Carson

Uncle Ty & Joslyn

L-R: Page, Daisy, Sadey, Tanner

Aunt Janessa

Cake Buddies

Man I look good for having three children! Haha they run the weight right off of me!!!

L-R: Papa, Dad, Uncle Ty, Joslyn, Uncle Carson, Grandma Laura

Opening gifts

I'm going to get this pony out, one way or another!

A new snuggie!! Heck Ya!!!

She totally LOVED it

A green hat and a cow from Aunt Janessa and Uncle Cole.
Total win!

Seriously would not take it off. 

Playing with the Puppy from Joslyn 

New Boots! Thanks Nama and Papa/

Yes, I'm a green hat wearin', Cow ridin', boot wearin' 2 year old!

How she rolls

Page and her birthday haul.

Her birthday cake.
Yes mom made the frosting a little bit to soft.

Daisy, being Daisy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Page Lynn!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Busy as a bee!

Oh my heck! What a crazy last little while it has been!!!
I've been super busy (but who isn't??)

Today we had our Visiting Teaching convention.
And let me tell you I'm so glad that is over!!
This is what I want to do! Apparently church was exhausting today. :)
I'm the VT coordinator and for the past three months the Relief Society President and I have been praying, changing, praying, changing, praying....ect, on all the beats. We finally reached a decision and we handed out new beats today!
It was a very powerful meeting.
Simple, but powerful.
Maybe it was only me who was affected, but that's ok if that is the case!

Now it's onto Christmas time!
We have a party Tuesday night, with everyone bringing a mystery less then $5 dollar gift.
Daisy and her mystery gift. I really have no idea what she has in there! Grandma helped her pick it out. 
We have a company dinner Thursday night (1st one since we've hired on, usually it's just a I'll buy your drinks from this time to this time at the bar and where'as we don't drink....) it's still at the bar and grill, but hey politics right?? Also that night hopefully we will be able to do a bit of bowling with my family for my sisters birthday.
The 23rd is Miss Pagey's 2nd birthday
(really??? I just had her.....what, I have another child....oh dear....I'm losing it!)
The 24th we are having lunch with Koda's family and then it's Christmas!!!

I've still been working on Michelle's stocking for her girl. It is SO cute!!! But really TAKES forever!!!
I tell you what I understand completly why hand sewn stuff is so expensive!
So far there is 36 1/2 hours into it.
Guess what I still have one snowman and a penguin to do!
I'm estimating another 10 hours or so.

Lets see also this week we seen Santa.
The girls actually did really well and we got some awesome pictures.
Guess what.
The camera broke before I got them off!!!!
Oh ya not happy.
But she is still very happy.
Also pictures that we did have and now we don't, is all of the last two weeks of preschool!
Last week we did J is for Jesus from COAH and this week we did a cowboy tot pack from Our Little Monkeys. Daisy LOVED the cowboy pack!! She did all the activities like five times a day! This week I believe we will be doing the Candy Cane Pack from 2teaching mommies.

Anyways I need to go and prepare dinner and get ready for the week. I have one gift to put the finishing touches on, need to wrap all the girls clothes, and my sis & bro in law's gift. Oh and I need to get a snuggie made up for Page's birthday! Busy busy!!!

Signing out! Hope you have a very happy week!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

E-Book on Grocery Budgeting


Seems like a good book to read. I'm always looking for hints on how to cut my grocery budget down.

Birth Control

I'm going to vent.
So I'm sorry.
Bear with me.

I'm so sick of people asking  telling me I'm must be done having children for I have three girls, so close together. It's been proven right? we can't have boys.
Just so it's out there, yes we will be having more children and yes the next one will probably show up with in the next two years. We know we are suppose to have more children, so we are going to.

But what do you say to the lady in the fabric store that asks: "so your getting your tube's tied or a vasectomy done right?" (Oh no,  I love giving birth, I think I'll do it another 12 or 13 more times)
 or " do know what causes this right?" (no I don't....please give me a detailed explanation)
or "are you crazy?" (no I just smoke a lot of pot)

Really is it anybodies business but our own when we have children or the spacing of them?
So yes I have have 3 kids, 3 and under, a 19 month and then a 16 month separation. Guess what, it's me who has to deal with it.

But I find it very interesting all those who tell me all about different types of birth control, I'm about ready to start replying with, "oh don't worry, I go across the border and get my 25 cent insurance policy there. I'm protected."
or maybe "I do a voodoo dance and smoke ceremony before we do anything. I'm protected."

Once again, isn't it my business what kind of birth control I use or don't use?

Now this is not to say that I don't enjoy talking about this with women who are not scornful or rude about it. I don't mind at all talking about birth control with a nice person, who doesn't belittle me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Time, Hip Hip Hoorray!!!

Winter is here. It's quite cold.. I want to head South.
We all had the stomach flu this week. It has not been fun.
I think we are finally getting over it. Thank Heavens!!

For preschool we did the Owl Pack from Our Little Monkeys.
The girls loved putting together the 10 part puzzle the very most.
It was great to teach the numbers 1-10.
Of course I didn't get any pictures of them working with the pack.

We also put up the Christmas Tree and all the decorations. Which of course means the Elves are here!!
Many of you have probably heard about the Elf on the Shelf.
Well I think the tradition I grew up with is similar? maybe?

Our elves (yes there are many) show up and every night, after the Christmas tree is decorated, to watch you in your daily doings making sure you're being nice not naughty.  Then every night they go and report back to Santa and change to a new location in the house. We are up to three elves, they don't have names yet, (the girls are still a little to young to understand naming them) and I believe I have 12 elves total that will come visit us this year (that is if I don't get anymore, hehe).
This is a great fun thing for the young'uns. I loved it has a child and has a teenager, to be honest I was a bit disappointed when they quite showing up at my mom's house as I became a young adult. The magic was gone.

To be dead honest, the years that I left home, got married, and before I had toddlers, kinda stunk during Christmas time. The magic and wonder and amazement just wasn't there. It's coming back into my house and I LOVE IT!!!! I hope my children will keep the spirit and happiness of Christmas as long as I did, for I want it!

I also got some more sewing done this week! I finished up a carseat swaddler blanket for a friend who just had her baby boy.
I also worked on Millie girls Christmas stocking. Turning out way cute! I'm thinking maybe I should make one of these for all my girls. We will see. I did have a minor freak out moment with it though, I thought the light blue thread and turned lime green! Yes I was very worried, I'm thinking now it is the lighting in my house, cause it looks more blue and correct in better light. PHEW!!

Well I'm going to end it here. I've got to still get my week planned, menu planned, shopping trip planned. So when I'm awoken at 6 in the morning tomorrow I can hit the ground running. I love Sundays, the day of rest.

Hope you had a great week and a wonderful Sunday!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miss Me....I do too!

So I've been absolutely terrible in keeping up with posting the last little bit.
Yep I admit it, I have a problem.
Well in order to rectify this problem and to keep you all up on life here in our household, I'm going to try and do a weekly post update on everything.
I've just not been feeling the computer lately.
Really just have no desire to even turn it on, so it stays off.
But I don't want to keep all my dedicated readers to get discouraged by me.
And I need to keep a family journal so when the end of the year comes, I have an easy reference to head to for the family album.

*Life this week*
My favorite holiday ever!!!
Great yummy food!
This was a weird year though, I've never not seen my family on Thanksgiving.
Well they all deserted me and my brood for North Dakota, for my sister's and brother in laws reception.
That's ok though, it was a good reason.
I guess I have to grow up some time and strike out on my own someday right?
I also had another first.
Black Friday.
Very entertaining....very....
And yes I did score what I was after.
What else have we been doing?
Selling calves, hauling steers to the butcher, 5 glorious days of Koda having days off, craft fairs, and the state Farm Bureau convention.
Yep its been a lot of fun.

Well Melody is quite the girl.
She wants to crawl, but can only do the superman posture, hasn't figured out the ladybug posture yet.
So to get to something she wants she does a back scoot.
I hope it doesn't wear all her hair off her head!
But it is so cute!!
Random note--None of my girls have been big rollers.
Daisy did it one time and then started crawling.
Page and Melody did/do it a little bit, but not very much.

Page is Daisy's little shadow still.
They are seriously the dynamic duo.
They are fighting like banshee's.
Someday's it is exhausting!
Page's hand is doing very welll, and is healing just like it is suppose too.

Daisy is talking more and more in sentences.
It's so fun to hear.
She knows most of the letter sounds, but their names she refuses to divulge.
And the ABC's song....haha...not a chance.
She also is counting everything in sight, (which Page copycats).
OH and in case you didn't know, She's three!

*Sewing Projects*
I've been doing a few projects lately.
Here is a custom apron for a friend of mine.
Darling right???
I'm also making a Christmas stocking for a friend of mine's baby girl.
It's all hand work and has sequins.
It is going to be way cute when I get it done.
Here is what I have accomplished so far.
Two trees.
:) I get to do the third tree tonight.
Guess how many hours already spent on this?
Six and a half.
I've got a long ways to go.

*Current Book*
This is the book I'm currently reading.
I like it so far.

Entertaining, but a light read.
Great for the busy months.

Well hope all is well your way!
And I'll catch back up next Sunday!

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