Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Time, Hip Hip Hoorray!!!

Winter is here. It's quite cold.. I want to head South.
We all had the stomach flu this week. It has not been fun.
I think we are finally getting over it. Thank Heavens!!

For preschool we did the Owl Pack from Our Little Monkeys.
The girls loved putting together the 10 part puzzle the very most.
It was great to teach the numbers 1-10.
Of course I didn't get any pictures of them working with the pack.

We also put up the Christmas Tree and all the decorations. Which of course means the Elves are here!!
Many of you have probably heard about the Elf on the Shelf.
Well I think the tradition I grew up with is similar? maybe?

Our elves (yes there are many) show up and every night, after the Christmas tree is decorated, to watch you in your daily doings making sure you're being nice not naughty.  Then every night they go and report back to Santa and change to a new location in the house. We are up to three elves, they don't have names yet, (the girls are still a little to young to understand naming them) and I believe I have 12 elves total that will come visit us this year (that is if I don't get anymore, hehe).
This is a great fun thing for the young'uns. I loved it has a child and has a teenager, to be honest I was a bit disappointed when they quite showing up at my mom's house as I became a young adult. The magic was gone.

To be dead honest, the years that I left home, got married, and before I had toddlers, kinda stunk during Christmas time. The magic and wonder and amazement just wasn't there. It's coming back into my house and I LOVE IT!!!! I hope my children will keep the spirit and happiness of Christmas as long as I did, for I want it!

I also got some more sewing done this week! I finished up a carseat swaddler blanket for a friend who just had her baby boy.
I also worked on Millie girls Christmas stocking. Turning out way cute! I'm thinking maybe I should make one of these for all my girls. We will see. I did have a minor freak out moment with it though, I thought the light blue thread and turned lime green! Yes I was very worried, I'm thinking now it is the lighting in my house, cause it looks more blue and correct in better light. PHEW!!

Well I'm going to end it here. I've got to still get my week planned, menu planned, shopping trip planned. So when I'm awoken at 6 in the morning tomorrow I can hit the ground running. I love Sundays, the day of rest.

Hope you had a great week and a wonderful Sunday!


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