Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My little 2 year old

Was it really two years ago that Miss Page was born??
Holy cow...I feel like I should still be pregnant with her!
So I totally thought I blogged about her birth and all.
Guess what...did not....
Dec 23rd was a birthday for us!
Page turned two and had a grand ole time!
Well actually all day long her and Melody both had fevers (later we found out they had hand, foot, mouth viruis yuck!)
By the time the cake and ice cream time rolled around though, she was happier.
We didn't do anything extravagant.
Just had family over for cake and ice cream and to encourage her in opening her presents.
She was of course all about that.
 Until present number two and she opened a pony.
She was done!
It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to consider even looking at another gift.
I guess she only needed that pony!
Anyways enjoy!

Grandmas chatting away

L-R: Grandma Teresa, Dad, Papa, Uncle Carson

Uncle Ty & Joslyn

L-R: Page, Daisy, Sadey, Tanner

Aunt Janessa

Cake Buddies

Man I look good for having three children! Haha they run the weight right off of me!!!

L-R: Papa, Dad, Uncle Ty, Joslyn, Uncle Carson, Grandma Laura

Opening gifts

I'm going to get this pony out, one way or another!

A new snuggie!! Heck Ya!!!

She totally LOVED it

A green hat and a cow from Aunt Janessa and Uncle Cole.
Total win!

Seriously would not take it off. 

Playing with the Puppy from Joslyn 

New Boots! Thanks Nama and Papa/

Yes, I'm a green hat wearin', Cow ridin', boot wearin' 2 year old!

How she rolls

Page and her birthday haul.

Her birthday cake.
Yes mom made the frosting a little bit to soft.

Daisy, being Daisy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Page Lynn!!


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