Sunday, December 18, 2011

Busy as a bee!

Oh my heck! What a crazy last little while it has been!!!
I've been super busy (but who isn't??)

Today we had our Visiting Teaching convention.
And let me tell you I'm so glad that is over!!
This is what I want to do! Apparently church was exhausting today. :)
I'm the VT coordinator and for the past three months the Relief Society President and I have been praying, changing, praying, changing, praying....ect, on all the beats. We finally reached a decision and we handed out new beats today!
It was a very powerful meeting.
Simple, but powerful.
Maybe it was only me who was affected, but that's ok if that is the case!

Now it's onto Christmas time!
We have a party Tuesday night, with everyone bringing a mystery less then $5 dollar gift.
Daisy and her mystery gift. I really have no idea what she has in there! Grandma helped her pick it out. 
We have a company dinner Thursday night (1st one since we've hired on, usually it's just a I'll buy your drinks from this time to this time at the bar and where'as we don't drink....) it's still at the bar and grill, but hey politics right?? Also that night hopefully we will be able to do a bit of bowling with my family for my sisters birthday.
The 23rd is Miss Pagey's 2nd birthday
(really??? I just had her.....what, I have another child....oh dear....I'm losing it!)
The 24th we are having lunch with Koda's family and then it's Christmas!!!

I've still been working on Michelle's stocking for her girl. It is SO cute!!! But really TAKES forever!!!
I tell you what I understand completly why hand sewn stuff is so expensive!
So far there is 36 1/2 hours into it.
Guess what I still have one snowman and a penguin to do!
I'm estimating another 10 hours or so.

Lets see also this week we seen Santa.
The girls actually did really well and we got some awesome pictures.
Guess what.
The camera broke before I got them off!!!!
Oh ya not happy.
But she is still very happy.
Also pictures that we did have and now we don't, is all of the last two weeks of preschool!
Last week we did J is for Jesus from COAH and this week we did a cowboy tot pack from Our Little Monkeys. Daisy LOVED the cowboy pack!! She did all the activities like five times a day! This week I believe we will be doing the Candy Cane Pack from 2teaching mommies.

Anyways I need to go and prepare dinner and get ready for the week. I have one gift to put the finishing touches on, need to wrap all the girls clothes, and my sis & bro in law's gift. Oh and I need to get a snuggie made up for Page's birthday! Busy busy!!!

Signing out! Hope you have a very happy week!

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