Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miss Me....I do too!

So I've been absolutely terrible in keeping up with posting the last little bit.
Yep I admit it, I have a problem.
Well in order to rectify this problem and to keep you all up on life here in our household, I'm going to try and do a weekly post update on everything.
I've just not been feeling the computer lately.
Really just have no desire to even turn it on, so it stays off.
But I don't want to keep all my dedicated readers to get discouraged by me.
And I need to keep a family journal so when the end of the year comes, I have an easy reference to head to for the family album.

*Life this week*
My favorite holiday ever!!!
Great yummy food!
This was a weird year though, I've never not seen my family on Thanksgiving.
Well they all deserted me and my brood for North Dakota, for my sister's and brother in laws reception.
That's ok though, it was a good reason.
I guess I have to grow up some time and strike out on my own someday right?
I also had another first.
Black Friday.
Very entertaining....very....
And yes I did score what I was after.
What else have we been doing?
Selling calves, hauling steers to the butcher, 5 glorious days of Koda having days off, craft fairs, and the state Farm Bureau convention.
Yep its been a lot of fun.

Well Melody is quite the girl.
She wants to crawl, but can only do the superman posture, hasn't figured out the ladybug posture yet.
So to get to something she wants she does a back scoot.
I hope it doesn't wear all her hair off her head!
But it is so cute!!
Random note--None of my girls have been big rollers.
Daisy did it one time and then started crawling.
Page and Melody did/do it a little bit, but not very much.

Page is Daisy's little shadow still.
They are seriously the dynamic duo.
They are fighting like banshee's.
Someday's it is exhausting!
Page's hand is doing very welll, and is healing just like it is suppose too.

Daisy is talking more and more in sentences.
It's so fun to hear.
She knows most of the letter sounds, but their names she refuses to divulge.
And the ABC's song....haha...not a chance.
She also is counting everything in sight, (which Page copycats).
OH and in case you didn't know, She's three!

*Sewing Projects*
I've been doing a few projects lately.
Here is a custom apron for a friend of mine.
Darling right???
I'm also making a Christmas stocking for a friend of mine's baby girl.
It's all hand work and has sequins.
It is going to be way cute when I get it done.
Here is what I have accomplished so far.
Two trees.
:) I get to do the third tree tonight.
Guess how many hours already spent on this?
Six and a half.
I've got a long ways to go.

*Current Book*
This is the book I'm currently reading.
I like it so far.

Entertaining, but a light read.
Great for the busy months.

Well hope all is well your way!
And I'll catch back up next Sunday!

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