Monday, November 14, 2011

T is for Turtle

T is for Turtle!!
We did this over the past two weeks.
Mostly because I was lazy. 
Here the girls (22 mnths & 3.5yrs) are coloring T is for turtle pages.

Here Daisy is doing turtle pre-writing.
This was probably her favorite this week.

Size Sorting.
Getting much better at this one.
I still have to do a lot of talking through it for them though.

Tt sorting.
She knows how to do this very well.
So she thinks she should trick me up and act like she doesn't and always puts the big T on the little t spot and visa versa.
Here in the picture I think she is telling me she needs the camera, not me.

This is my favorite this week.
Here is Daisy's first actual drawing!!!
If you can't tell it's a mermaid and a fish.
The straight lines at the bottom are her fin and then the lines on top are her hair. 

 Here is her other two mermaids she drew for me.
I think she did quite well. :)

In other news, the girls have discovered the joy of coloring. 
And they now think they should color all over EVERYTHING!!!
I've never had this problem.
But I suppose that is because Daisy never wanted to color until recently.
She was to busy jumping off of everything.
So I want to know....what's the best thing to take crayon off?
Oh and yes they help clean up the mess....they think its fun.....

I'm linking up to Tot School!
See what others have been up too!!

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  1. Isn't it great when they start drawing? My little one drew a cat this week and I was amazed... definitly keeping that one!


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