Thursday, November 17, 2011

T & T's Quilt

The day Trevor married my sis-in-law Teagan.
Oh man does he have his hands full!!!

So in true loving fashion I sewed them up a snuggle quilt.
I toyed with the idea of doing two smaller snuggle quilts.
But then I remembered....
-They were young
-Didn't have children yet
....therefore, 2 quilts was just going to turn into 1.

See for an ole lady like me, with three children, I would definitely take the two quilts and put the husband on the couch and me on the recliner.
I know what happens when the weather is cold outside and there is only one quilt in the house.

Anyways, back to T & T.
They like camo.
They like hunting.
They like green.
They like orange.
So here is their awesome quilt!!

OH and yes there is elk on the back.
Did I get a picture of that.
hahaha no way.

This is also the first quilt I've ever had someone else quilt.
I thought I would feel terrible and guilty about it since I didn't do it all.
But with sewing all the girls dresses too (7 total!)
I sent it out.
And guess what????

I LOVE IT!!!!!

OH ya.....may just do that more often, so much less stressful, and the quilter I used, knows her stuff!!!

Well T & T are now freshly back from their honeymoon.
And Teagan didn't get sequestered in a Mexican Jail (believe me AMAZING!)
But she did get chased by an iguana....I have no idea....frankly I don't think I want to know.....

1 comment:

  1. Your talent for sewing amazes me :) What a great quilt!

    So...uh...what DOES happen when it's cold outside and there's only one quilt in the house? Ha ha! ;)


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