Monday, November 7, 2011

P is for Pumpkins

I'm apologizing in advance for the less then steller pictures.
I don't know what the deal was.
The week before Halloween we did a P is for Pumpkin week!
It was fun.
Daisy is 3.5 years, Page is 23 Months.
We did coloring pages.
Look at how well Daisy is tracing letters.
This is a VERY recent development.
How exciting!!
I helped Page with her tracing, But she does great too!
Daisy also did the tracing pages great! 
She loved doing them and would write, wipe, write, wipe, and on and on.
We also did pumpkin color matching. 
I'm working with Page to learn her colors.
It's pretty easy, especially with older sister giving her the answer. :)
We also made a pumpkin craft.
In other words, we drew some circles, cut them out, glued them down, cut the stems, glued them down and wrote P is for Pumpkins.
Lot of work for mom. 
But they enjoyed it!
Daisy also did all of her own circles and cut most of them out.
Truly I'm amazed, for a month ago, no way.

They also had lots of fun with Do-A-Dot pages.
They really enjoy making the letters.
They also like to just have free form dot painting.
Go figure.
They also got out the cupcake felt activity bag that we got from a swap hosted here.
Didn't they do really good at making their own cupcakes? Especially with no help from me!!
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