Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy, Happy, Birthday Girlie!

Our little Page Lynn is one years old!!! Its amazing to think that a year ago I had a brand new little baby, whose grown into such a cutie. 
At the age of one she is quite the girl. She's cruising every where, but not yet brave enough to walk. She crawls in super speed and eats that way too. She has six teeth, with the rest all coming in together right now. She is a very pleseant little girl and has a smile for everyone. She is starting to be a bit more assertive when things aren't how she wants them, but for the most part she is very calm and very patient. We are so happy that we have this angel in our house. She makes the each day such a blast.
 Page's birthday party we actually celebrated on her Aunt Janessa's Birthday the 22nd, since we had a Family Christmas party on the 23rd. Nama made her cake for her...and I have to say it is ADORABLE!!! She also got to open her gifts and got really into that the next morning she figured it was time to open the Christmas gifts. Tell you what it defintaly is a hard thing to have a birthday girl so close to Christmas, but so goes life. We've decided that as she gets older and can have friend parties, they will be celebrated in June, so she doesn't get short-changed like my sister did.
With her Cake
Opening Presents

Eating Cake. UMM!!


  1. Aww! Happy Birthday! Jack's first is coming up fast, too. I can't stand how fast they grow.

  2. She is so CUTE! The cake is Adorable!


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