Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Progress Report

Well I've been busy working away on many different sewing projects.
First off is my Joy of Stars quilt. I had the Newbee group do two of their favorite star blocks. Everyone sent something back except for two...one I've heard from and the other nothing...disappointment...so I don't know if I should just do it like it is or should I add another four blocks? Hmmm trying to decide. But hey I like what I've gotten so far!
Next is the blocks I've recieved from the 3x6 quilt sampler swap. I chose red, black, and white, thinking I might make it into a throw for my sister. I love the blocks, but it isn't my favorite, probably because I'm not big into the color scheme. Maybe Janessa likes it? I'm still waiting on five more blocks which means I'll have to come up with another block or two. I like the swaps for you get to see all the different blocks people choose, but I don't really care for them because even though your colors are all the same, the fabrics are all so different. I don't know, guess maybe I'm not adventerous enough.

 Next is my block for the Calendar quilt block swap I found on Facebook. I had the month March. I really LOVE this block, its called Card Trick. We were suppose to send along a little note about our block...well here's mine. "March, in my part of the country starts out covered in snow, which melts and forms mud. Lots of mud. By the end of March the green starts showing up in grass & trees...sometimes. This represents the flow from snow to grass, taking into account all of the dang mud." Now all you from my part of the country, your nodding your head in agreement huh? Can't wait to see what other blocks I get for the rest of the year.
Here's another block for another swap. This time its a local swap. It was a Christmas Star block, using the colors red, green, white, gold, & blue. This is what I did. I was able to use all scraps and still make 9 blocks. Plus I have lots left over. So if you want some of the red or green let me know...cause I have plenty!
This next block are for the secret santa swap for my 'The Bee in my Bonnet' group. We all have some one to give a mug rug to. This is what I've done so far. But I can't decide on the center circle. So I've roughly cut some out and am asking for your help in deciding what to do. Once I decide on the final center it will be done much more professionally and then I get to quilt and bind it! Yay! Also for my first dresden plate I LOVE how it turned out. Wouldn't a quilt look wonderful with all these in it? So can you help me on a center for it? 1. Black 2. Green 3. Yellow 4. Red 5.White and 6. Pink. Thanks


  1. OOOH I like the fussy cut black and white one :)

  2. I like both of the black-and-white ones, but I think my favorite is the black with the white dot.

  3. too tough to choose ... i like 'em all.....very pretty first time dresden!


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