Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Little Bo Peep, Her lost sheep, and the doggie

 Well once again Halloween has snuck up and left us in the dust. This year we had lots of fun dressing the girls up. Page was a darling little lamb (thanks to Rashell for borrowing the costume to me!) and Daisy was Little Bo Peep. I had lots of fun making Daisy's costume and its a dress!!! She can wear it to play in!!! Yay!!!! We had lots of fun.

We went and seen Koda's grandmas and then went trunk-or-treating with Shasta and Tracy and their motley crew of kids. It was lots of fun going with all the cousins together.

On Friday night we went to the pumpkin festival with Koda and had fun looking at all the pumpkins, but we left very quickly. I still had to cook dinner and get a husband to bed so he could be to work by 4:30. Ah what the husband does for his little family!

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