Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've decided to give couponing a try again. I think that now I've gotten the nack down for menu planning, maybe I can succeed at using coupons. I didn't last time I tried. Over here at Money Saving Mom
She has a great seris on Better Budgeting for Groceries
 31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget
Mostly its, having a grocery budget, planning a menu, paying cash, and using coupons. I've gotten a grocery budget, I plan a two week menu, and I've started using just cash for my groceries. Next step coupons.

As I've searched over the internet there is many different ways to coupon. Organization styles, shopping styles, ect. My main problem is we really only have 3 main grocery stores in this town; Walmart, Jubille, and Smiths. I shop at two. When I tried to use coupons before I tried out the store Smiths, I loved it up in Logan, here in Vernal though...not so much...I really dislike it actually. So I don't shop there, personal preference.

Anyways, I found an organization style and shopping style that I like over here at Utah Deal Diva
And Grocery Smarts has my preffered grocery store, Jubille, located on it!! Yay!!! I had to do some research to find it but I've found it, its Associated Foods, late Ad run.

Anyways, for this week when I go grocery shopping I'll start out small using this method, seeing how I don't have a coupon back up base to use, and I'll start collecting my coupons and storing them away in a nice little 3-ring binder. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it and save more money!!! I'll keep you updated on what I've done and what it all looks like!
What do you do to save money on your grocery budget?


  1. i print coupons off here
    use and i price match at walmart. so i get the prices from jubilee and smiths at one store

  2. Marlynn,
    I like the coupons on They have some really good ones
    I'm thinking of trying out couponing too. After all-- what do I have to lose? lol


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