Friday, September 17, 2010

Newly Wed Advice

Lately it seems I get asked a bunch about marriage and what advice I'd give newly weds. Don't know why, I've only been married four years, but I suppose that is four years on those just starting out. Maybe my advice will change down the road but right this is it.

1. Repentence and Forgivness must always be present.
--You must be able to admit when you are wrong and forgive the other when they are wrong, then move on and don't go back.

2. When you have a problem or confict you must run to each other for the answer of how your going to solve it as a couple.

3. "Must be friends first, then lovers."
--Candace say's it the best so those are her words

4. Communicate openly and honestly about everything.

Really thats all my advice. I have to say that I'm very grateful that I am married to my best friend and that we can talk about anything. The three main problems in the majority of all relationships (don't know the specific order) are 1. Money 2. Communication 3. Sex.
I'm glad to say we don't have problems in those area's we budget together, we talk about everything, and well we have two kids Hahahaha!!

Life is great! What's your advice for newly weds?

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