Saturday, September 17, 2011

M is for Monkey

The girls are 20 months & 39 months.
We learned all about M this week.
Monkey, Moon, Mango, Motorcycle, Mailbox, Macaroni, Mouse, Moose, Milk, & Mirror.
Do-a- Dots, Coloring Pages, Monkey Building, Monkey Shape Matching.
Letter Mm Matching, Monkey Puzzles.
M&M Monkey Page, Playing with Cousins, Finger Painting.
We had lots of fun!!
Starfall, Letter Learning Factory, Reading books.
Thing I find very interesting, Miss Daisy--Doo won't tell me the what the "letter" name is example: M is M but she tells me M is Mmmm...The phonetic sound. Thats good right?

Daisy also colored in her kitty coloring book. I was amazed that she actually did specific coloring, she has never done this before! She has gone around all week, showing everyone what she has colored, and each part of the cat that she has colored. It's so cute!
We watched these videos and sung along!
5 little Monkey's Song
Veggie Tales Monkey Silly Song

Resources used from these places.
Confessions of A Homeschooler

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  1. A lot of great ideas and information. My 4 year old can't label an M. I think that knowing the letter sound is great!

  2. It is so fun when they learn new skills! My little girl loves to colour too!

  3. Looks like tons of fun! As a kindergarten teacher - now SAHM, knowing the sounds is much more valuable than the letter names. We played a lot of sound games in the car when my daughter was young and she was able to start reading and writing at an early age because she had a very good grasp of how to "play" with sounds. (she is now 5) Ie) Can you guess the first sound in the word "mess"

  4. I wish we had a huge trampoline like that. Great week!

  5. I try to teach my son the sounds of the letters too when I point them out- he is still quite young so I mainly spell out his name using their sounds but don`t focus on many others yet but he seems to be showing much more interest in different letters lately.

    The finger painting looks like it was fun!!


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