Saturday, September 17, 2011

Caught in a pickle kinda day.

That's what yesterday was.
This is how yesterday was suppose to go.
Wake up
Shower, dress, cook breakfast, clean up breakfast.
Preschool all by 10:00.
Go to store get items needed to put up cucumbers.
Pick up the cucumbers.
11:00 start pickling cucumbers.
Finish about 3:00.
Have wonderful lunch and dinner right on time.
House picked up.
Happy kids.
Happy husband.
Happy dogs.
Happy me.
Bedtime of a glorious and wonderful 10:00pm.

Life is life I didn't get started on the pickles until 3:00.
Ran out of spices.
Husband said he would get them.
He can't find them.
I should've went to the store.
I call everyone in the known universive for said spices.
My mother has some and she is coming into town....later.
She lives 30 mins from town.
So I continue on with my pickling adventure.
Then I wait for her and pray she has enough spices.
Finally 7:30pm I get the spices from her, I pull out my last batch of bread and butter pickles. Now I can start on the sweet ones, and I had to change midstream and make some dill pickles.
I cook dinner.
Daisy goes out in the dead of the night to inform dad supper is ready.
Oh yes its 8:45.
I finally get my last batch of pickles in.....
Alas...I forgot to put the dill in with the dill pickles, the water is already boiling.
Screw it, they will be a eat as is type. Big deal!
Finally 11:30 house is picked up, dishes done, almost everyone is a asleep (Page is fighting it something bad!)
Finally at midnight she is asleep I lay down my head.

Page starts puking.....

Tell me about it....WAY LONG NIGHT!!!!

But hey my pickles look pretty darn good.
And I have a zillion of them.
I'm proud of myself.

Next up tomatoes!


  1. Your pickles do look great! Life can have totally different plans than our some days, I understand that! Hope your sick one feels much better soon.

  2. Oh wow! I think you are brave for canning with the kids around! Hopefully you got to sleep in the next day! :D


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