Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Diaper Bags are Awesome

Or at least the ones I make are.
Or so I'm told.
Michelle's Diaper Bag
My friend put her order in to have me make her a diaper bag back when I made mine in April.
Only she added in plenty of extras.
Which was just fine.
It made me think and learn some new things.
Pockets and Zippered Divider inside
I'm so happy with how they've turned out!
So are a lot of other girls.
I've had lots ask about them.
Divider pulls out.
I need to find a price to charge per hour so I can make a tiny bit of profit.
I mean Michelle's diaper bag took 9 hrs to make.
I also made her a cute car seat cover.
Car seat cover
This is another thing that is in high demand.
Yet another reason to find a small price to charge.
I love making them and I love doing custom work.
I want to make people happy with what I can make them.
Yes I take pictures on my tramp with my totally awesome kid pool in the background. So sue me. 
So what do you think?
Aren't they cute?
What amount should I place upon my time?
I don't know.

PS The tutorial I kinda follow for the diaper bag is found at Moda Bake Shop.


  1. Very cute!! Let me know when you come up with a price!!

  2. I think they are both so cute! I really do need a new diaper bag and I've been debating on going and buying a new one. I also love the carseat covers especially since it's starting to get colder. Let me know when you come up with a price. I <3 them!

  3. VERY Cute projects! You're so creative!

    My mom & I made a car seat canopy kind of like that before Jensyn was born. I'd run into a lady at a restaurant, asked about the canopy on her baby's seat, and she said they sell for $40 - $50 at craft sales. Using Hobby Lobby coupons, she made her own for a fraction of that...so that's what I did, too! :)

    So anyway, you could easily charge $40. Lots of people sells these on Etsy for that much.

  4. ^That'd be from Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys. I'm using my dad's computer, and it's acting strange!

  5. I love it! The piece work on the bag and the zipper divider are great touches!


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