Monday, August 15, 2011

L is for Ladybugs, Week 2

The girls are 38 months and 19 months.
What we learned this week.
Letter L
Number 1
Shape: Circle
Color: Yellow
Memory Verse: Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

Spiritual Lesson: Our Family
Song: Here We Are Together and Families Can Be Together Forever.
Talked about Our Family. Who makes up the family.
Daddy, Mommy, Daisy, Page, and Melody.
We talked about the different roles each of us play in our family.
Daddy works.
Mommy cooks and cleans.
Children listen.
We also talked about Helemans stripling warriors and how they were protected because their mothers taught them up in righteousness. We then watched Helemans Stripling Warriors, put out by Nest Entertainment.

Focus Book: Little Ladybug
We read this book every day. The girls loved it.

We did a cut and paste Ladybug craft from COAH.

 Ladybug Building. Daisy did really good with this and had a lot of fun putting the Ladybugs where they needed to go. From COAH.

Ladybug Shape Matching Puzzle and we also did size sorting Ladybugs. Daisy enjoyed these also.
From COAH.

What Melody does while we are crafting and playing games.

We also played go fish game.

Still a big hit was the "L" Sensory tub. We played with this for about 20 mins everyday. 
Page showing me a Lemon
Daisy tweezing and counting lizards out.
Scooping items out of tub
Reading the Mini book and the Vocab Cards was still a huge hit.
Reading the Mini Book to Me from RRSP
 We also had a playdough day and did letter L's out of playdough. And of course we did, snakes, and our names, and dogs, and and know how it is. :)

 We did dot-a-dot L page with stickers. I don't have the cool markers like everyone says to use, so we used stickers  which worked great and strengthed those fine motor skills!

Sorting big and little "L's" Both girls did really well on this activity
Our "L" is for Lion craft found here Totally Tots

 Of course we did TONS of puppy playing, or mauling the puppies more like it?

Fun unplanned learning, Dancing and playing the piano of course!

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  1. Love that verse for the letter L. Looks like a great week.

  2. Off to a good start! I'm impressed that you got started in the middle of the burn center craziness. I'm also impressed that Daisy seems to be cutting on the lines...Alex won't even try. He'd rather just cut a paper into confetti-like pieces!

  3. What a great idea! i'm definitely going to check this out! thanks!


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