Thursday, August 4, 2011

Burn Update

My little girl did great today.
She had surgery and her skin grafting done early this morning.
She was quite the trooper.
She was really brave and did all that was asked of her.
In some ways I'm glad it was her and not her older sister.
That would've been a nightmare!
We are now home and sleeping in our own beds (Thank Heavens!!!)
Also I'm soooo glad to be out of the city.
Really don't care for it.
Anyways, Miss Page is home and all bandaged up.
She seriously has a club for her arm.
(Sorry no picture....My camera was completely dead, battery wise. Will get one though, it is comical!)
Makes her all off balanced, doesn't stop her from twirling like a princess though.
She just falls down sooner.
The doctors and nurses where all awesome and made sure all my questions where answered and that she was as comfortable as possible.
I think I was more stressed out over it all then my girl.
A nurse told us, "We will give her, 'I don't care gas',  Sometimes we have to give it to the parents too." Seriously I know she was making a serious/joke...because seriously I might've taken some a few times and I hate the stuff.
But, I'm very pleased with how this unfortunate event in our life has gone.
We have more checkups and then a special glove she gets to wear for an entire year.
I Just wish I didn't have to drive out 3 hrs to get there.
But if I didn't I'd be closer to the city.
Never mind....I'll drive.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

1 comment:

  1. She looks awfully cute in her little scrubs, but I sure am sorry that she (and you...) had to go through this.

    Already twirling like a princess? It's amazing how quickly kids bounce back! :)


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