Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blessing Day

Miss Melody was blessed on July 3rd by her Father.
It was a beautiful day.
We had lots of family support.
I love my family, they are so good to us.
Why are my pictures doing this?
This one actually looks kinda cool.
A little story about the blessing dress.
My sister and I both had our own blessing dress.
So when I had Daisy I was determined that my girls were going to have their own blessing dresses too.
Daisy had hers given to her by her Great-Grandma Savage.
Page's was my blessing dress that my Grandma Savage made for me.
Melody's blessing dress was given to her by my mom.
The day of the blessing came around.
I had her dressed and ready to go.
As I was sitting there in the pew I noticed the dress was a little on the yellow side.
I thought "Did my mom buy an old blessing dress or something?"
So after the blessing and further on into sacrament my mom is holding Melody.
When she discovers something.
Melody is not wearing her blessing dress.
She is wearing my sisters.
Interesting huh?
So Melody has a blessing dress that she didn't wear.
She wore a dress worn by her Aunt 22 years ago.
Wonder if there is any hidden meaning in this.
Probably not.

Just how life goes I suppose.

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  1. Regardless of whose dress she's wearing, she looks beautiful. What a special day! :)


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