Monday, August 1, 2011

5 years

On Friday we celebrated our fifth anniversary. Yippee!!!
How did we spend our anniversary...traveling to the big city to visit the burn center...not so fun.
So tonight we are going out, this is a VERY rare occurrence for us. Seriously like maybe three times a year do we actually leave the house and go on a just us date and (one is usually around our anniversary...cause I insist upon it).
Why don't we do it more, mostly because we hate asking people to watch our kids and my husband is a HUGE homebody.
It was like the minute we were more took some adjusting.
So we are heading out tonight to see Harry Potter, best part....we have free movie tickets thanks to the hospital when we had Melody. :)
Hopefully he gets done with his cement job soon enough that we can get something to eat too...I really don't want to cook...well clean up afterwards, truth be known.
I usually post the same pics from our I'll mix it up and do some random ones.

Something I learned. I hated the kissing shots...I was always busting up. Same with the serious ones...which  I usually ended up looking constipated or something.

Why is this split?? IDK. But the look on his face...I still get it, from him and his oldest daughter.  I always give them the look I have on my face of pure love and joy. ;) 

My flowers. Loved them!

Married in this Temple. :)

Me. :)

My man. Alien family?

Both sides of his family.

Here's my non-alien family. Both sides. 
Our Cake...not quite what I ordered, but it turned out great! I wanted the fruit mixed on top, not lined up in a circle, but whatever.

Yep it was a Lamb Roast Reception. Yumm!

Table decorations.

My family. Amazing My brothers are now both as tall as Koda. Their just babies here.

His family. There are sooo many little kids now. Eight, count that 8! ( And 3 are mine....)

I really want to know what my dad is telling us here....what do you think it is?
Well....That was my wedding day.


  1. Happy anniversary. How was the movie? I remember going to your wedding reception. It was so beautiful. :)

    How is little Page's hand?

  2. Happy Anniversary! And great photos! Makes me want to dig out mine and Tim's. Wish he would take me to Harry Potter!! Lucky!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love your photos...and your alien family, too ;)

    Our 7th anniversary was on Sunday. We didn't really do anything to celebrate this year, but we had a fun vacation last who am I to complain? :)


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