Friday, August 12, 2011

Horsing Around

 We went up to put my brothers stud colt in with his new pack of brood mares recently.
We got to see some cute babies and beautiful mommas.
Many people these days keep their mares and foals right close by and they are very use to humans.
Not my family.
Is rare to have a ride-able  catch-able mare around my family.
We raise our mares and colts much the same as wild horses are.

The stud is turned out with the broodmare bunch in the summer time.
He runs with them for a good six months, getting acquainted very well with each mare.
He then comes out of the bunch in wintertime, along with all the new foals.
He gets a break from being 'the king' and the foals get broke to lead.

 Spring time comes around and the foals are back onto the mountain to work on that surefooted thing.
The stud gets to do cowboy work all spring and winter.
The mommas spend the winter in a lower desert pasture.
The new foals start showing up eleven months after the stud was put into the bunch.
And soon after the stud gets to go and be 'the king' again.

This is the Stud, notice the way he is all tensed up.
I love horses and watching the fuss these horses go through when a stud is first placed in the bunch is classic.

He prances around does some dance moves and chases the mares like crazy.
They all fight back with teeth or kicking feet.
That is as long as they aren't "horsing"---in other words wanting a little summthin-summthin.
It is amazing to see, plus its lots of fun to watch.
Really if you ever have the chance to see a stud put in with a mare bunch don't pass it up.
Even better is watching the pecking order establish itself with a band of wild horses.
Then you get to see awesome fights between the stallions.
Yes its a must see.

Side note: Why did we put the mares into the corral then turn the stud loose? Because if we would've turned the stud loose in the pasture he could have not collected them all and kept some from being in his band. Being turned loose into a smaller area like this he was able to show his dominance over all the mares and collect them all. This way there is a better chance he will cover and breed them all.

Well also on this trip the girls and I got to do a bit of riding.
Duh that is a must when your my kid.
Sorry girls its a curse, :) But you love it.

They also had fun playing in the mud. 
(How does she find this stuff???)
And climbing all over the random stuff that is around the corral.
I had a blast and I got to have a good talk with my mom.

 Plus we got to see baby foals.
They are SO cute.
But when we were done we once again turned them loose into the mountain pasture and came home.

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