Sunday, August 28, 2011


You know those weeks when you feel like you've done nothing?
Yep I've had one.
Well I guess I've fed my kids and cleaned the dishes.
That's something!
No I did do a bit of preschool.
But I've decided to do it a different way.
I'm going to do a theme a month and letter of the week that correspondes with the theme.
It should be fun!
I've also decided that I am changing my cleaning schedule.
Maybe it will help.
Haha...I've got three kids and a husband.
A clean house...only in my wildest dreams...
Ya so I'm going to try something new.
Focus on only one room a day.
This will be interesting.


  1. Some weeks, you try and you just feel like you've made no progress :(

    It's hard trying to find a starting point for preschool. Hopefully your letter a month will work well for you, and it will give the girls plenty of time to learn that letter!

    I fumbled my way through with Alex for about 6 months, I think, before finding what worked best for us. Now, adding Max into the mix, it's getting tricky all over again!

    Clean house? What's that?! ;)

  2. Ah, yes, those weeks sound like my every days. And not for lack of planning! I'm too ambitious, I guess. And easily disappointed. :P


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