Friday, June 24, 2011

Water Boots...A Must Have

 Water Boots are definitely a must have on any farm.
These lovely boots are waterproof.
Therefore they protect your lovely pink toe socks, when changing water.
I call them gum boots.
Others call them muck boots.
Or just water boots.
Whatever you call them you must have them or else you have soggy feet.

These are the boots that reside in my home, two pair are mine, the other pairs are the girls, and Koda's reside in his truck, go figure.
We use them all year long.
They are an all season kinda boot.
I'm always in season with these mud kickers.
Although I'll warn you...they don't prevent children from getting muddy.
Well I think my girl thinks she just has to have a mud bath or two or three every day.
See this is mud bath #2 for today, its only 3:30pm too...

Stay tuned next week we'll talk about different watering systems used by farmers and ranchers.

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