Thursday, June 9, 2011

From the Farm to your Table

One of the most discouraging misconceptions about agriculture that I come across is the lack of knowledge people have about the food on their table and where it comes from. Here's some facts you can bank on.

Milk comes from cows, which live on farms.
In fact all food stuffs have their beginning on somebody's farm.
As do most non-food items... Go figure.

97% of farms are all family owned and operated. Some are large scale and some are small scale.
US farmers produce the safest food worldwide.
The USA is a major global food resource.

As the future of the world-growing- and farming-shrinking- you really think Americans want to get rid of the farmers?
Food is one of the components of basic survival and farmers provide it for us.

NPR (National Public Radio) summed it up great "To many (Americans) this is what the future should be-fruits and veggies grown on small farms, nearby the city. But, get over it. This isn't the future-not if we want to feed everyone." (Quote found in Utah Farm Bureau News, article; When did food become so complicated?)

So please support the farmers and agriculture, they provide us with the safest food in the world.
Me, a farming advocate.

Sorry no pictures...I'm committing to doing better.

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