Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Long Dirt Road

 As you probably know or guessed I live at the end of a dirt road. This is a picture of where my property actually begins, there is another half mile behind me of dugway. I love living in this kind of solitude, the only thing I don't care for is all the fools who drive down this road at a 100 mph thinking they own the place and then when they get to the end...oh guess what...they are in my barnyard. Hmmm....I bet they feel dumb. Well I've found the perfect sign to put up right here at my property line, (I have a different one that I want to put up at the top of the hill, but that's another post).
Here's my lucky find.
The cool thing is.
We really do have a blind dog...

We also have unruly children

Ok so this sweetie is unruly...yet...
 Now I just need some old horses.
Especially since I really do.
Daisy starts riding by herself next year.
I'm so excited!
So now I'm on the outlook for old slow horses.
Even though the young fast horses are funner.
I need slow and old right now.

Hope your Wednesday was good!

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