Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Okay, because I love you

This is what I said four years ago to my husband of almost eleven months.
I'd finally given in and said okay you can hang that elk head in my house...whenever that is.
Almost two years ago it was the first thing in my house.
One sure thing about marriage, you both give a little and you both take a little, to find a balance.
Growing up I was dead determined I would never ever have an animal head or stuffed animal in my house ever.
Well....I married a hunter....end of story.
His argument against mine of "It's my house...NO WAY!" was
"It's my house to and I have to live here too."
Needless to say he won.
So this lovely guy.

Gets a  dusting every week and a good vacuuming once a month
So he looks ok and not all dusty and grody, like many do.
Another compromise I've made.
If and when he gets a "nice" deer head he can mount it in the house.
That's it though.
Anything else, he can build his own room and put them in there.
End of story.
Thank heavens right now the size of my house prohibits anything else.
OH and side note...yes I've changed things in the house and the couch now sits where the TV use too.

Have you had to let a dead animal in your house, because I love you too? Maybe something else?
The Elk Duster


  1. Ha! I love it! Tim doesn't have any dead things, but I keep mine at my Dad's house. I totally agree with you. I wont even have my own at my house. It creeps me out. Always has. :)

  2. You're a good woman. I'd tell him to go hang it in the shed ;)

    No hunters in this house, thankfully! I once house-sat for a family on vacation. They had a room in their house dedicated to all of his hunting trophies, including a bear standing on the floor. I had to dust that room, and it really gave me a creeps to have that big bear staring at me! ;)


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